Sometimes Glee Makes You Want To Scream

What happens when the King of Pop meets the kids of McKinley High School? Eccentricity and a little bit of “did they just do that?” set to the sounds of some of the best songs from the last several decades.

As usual with Glee lately, it’s hard to tell if you enjoyed an episode or are too thrown off course by the lack of continuity in the writing that you just say, “Well, there’s always next week.” I’m still hoping for a week when Blaine and the Warblers don’t exist and are forgotten the same way Tina is left swaying in the background, unseen and unheard. But no, even with Blaine in New Directions, the Warblers are ever-present with their synchronized voices and uniforms that are more irritating than snazzy.

In 3 seasons, slushies have only been thrown by the popular jocks of McKinley, but last night Sebastian Warbler managed to toss one at Blaine after a somewhat corny rendition of the great Martin Scorsese directed “Bad” video. Naturally, Blaine suffers eye damage from the rock salt filled slushie and suddenly everyone is utterly fed up with bullying because poor Blaine got hurt. What about Kurt being tossed in a garbage can, Artie being trapped in a port-a-potty, and every single Glee club member being slushied numerous times? Oh right, they’re not Darren Criss.

Sadly, it seems like the Warblers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but Quinn is. She’s going to Yale. Except that was basically a nonchalant way of saying Dianna Agron will sadly not be returning next season. Now who will be the only one to offer logical advice to Rachel and sing beautiful renditions of “Never Can Say Goodbye”?

It’s unfortunate that Rachel doesn’t understand the concept of goodbyes and immaturely accepted Finn’s marriage proposal. Sure, she may have only done it because she was under the impression that she wasn’t a finalist for NYADA, but what does that say about the show’s writers? Oh right, that they suck! How can the strongest character suddenly have no backbone? How can the best singer actually partake in singing “Ben,” by far the worst song of the episode. Where was the “Billie Jean”? Or “Beat It”? She should have sung “Beat It” to Finn and made for a real happy ending.

Except this is TV, where sometimes what’s supposed to be entertainment can be just as painful to watch as reality. For every amazing moment-  Santana and the cellos in Smooth Criminal – there’s a slushie tossed in your face.

Just remember, it’s always applicable to scream out your frustrations just like Artie and Mike did in what was definitely the best Jackson-esque part of the show .


One comment

  1. Sara Rose · February 1, 2012

    “She should have sung ‘Beat It’ to Finn and made for a real happy ending.” …god I love you

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