A Happy Heart Day

What’s better than chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day? Your favorite TV show getting its act together for a perfect episode!  Now that is an everlasting love that can be played over and over again.

That’s right- Glee managed to bring the fandom to its knees bowing in praise that for the first time in ages. In last night’s “Heart” episode, they finally handled an ensemble cast properly. Every character had a moment, adults aside. Not only was Tina there, but she spoke and sang! You’d think the apocalypse was coming with that development. There are just so many feelings to be had about this episode that it’s almost overwhelming for a 45 minute program. Where does one even begin?

Welcome Dads!

Nice to meet you Mr. and Mr. Berry. It’s only been 3 years and you look nothing like the picture in Rachel’s locker but you’re great so please stick around. Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell were the perfect addition to the Berry clan as they sang at dinner and used reverse psychology to try to break off the gross Finchel engagement. I just wish that when their plan backfired, that they stood up and called out Rachel’s over-dramatic crazy. But that’s okay, because dear Quinn is to the rescue next week. Maybe there is a real reason Faberry won E!’s online poll of TV’s Top Couple yesterday.

I Didn’t See That Coming

Kurt has a secret admirer. Initially you think it’s Blaine and you just want to gag yourself with the nearest dirty sock because really, what else will the writers do to make you see how much they love Darren Criss? But then it becomes a bit too much, even for their standards, and you start to think: “What if it’s not Blaine? What if it’s someone who really likes Kurt but is afraid to reveal themselves? Hey what happened to that guy- OMG the gorilla is Karofsky!” Boom. You’re shocked that the writers were actually clever! It’s great to see Karofsky’s growth and affectionate side. I know, I know, it’s only a show but there are real bullies out there who mask their feelings through inflicting pain. This is real. And utterly adorable.

What Up Jesus?

It was nice to be reminded of season 1 when Quinn got everyone in the Celibacy Club and was a proud advocate for religion. Sure she got pregnant and went a bit crazy but she’s in her element again. Now we’re introduced to Jesus Joe who looks more like a Rastafarian than a devout Christian but it is Glee after all. Singing telegrams were a nice touch to the show and Santana challenging him to sing to her girlfriend was even better. In the show’s finest moment, the God Squad, aside from Joe, pointed out the hypocrisy in the Bible that people tend to ignore. It was a great conversation to have on national television and in the end, even Joe knew that love is love when they sang “Cherish/Cherish” to the well deserving ladies.

The Kiss Heard Round the World!

You know who had the best Valentine’s Day? Brittana. And their fans. A couple that’s been 3 seasons in the making and was never allowed more than a hug or pinky link got their long overdue affection last night. By addressing the show’s own double standards of heterosexual couples and Klaine being allowed to kiss, everything frustrated fans felt was expressed through the storyline. Between classic Brittany not knowing how to burn a playlist to a CD to the cavity inducing sweetness at Sugar’s party that ended in a great kiss, Brittana was pure perfection. Not even pirate Blaine showing up could ruin that scene.

And I….

Will Always Love You. Nothing else needs to be said. This powerhouse voice and sentimental moment speaks for itself:




  1. GeeUrie · February 16, 2012

    The entire episode was brilliant.
    I agree with everything here. Just. Guh. All the feels.

    • nrmurph · February 16, 2012

      I’m glad you feel the same way! Thanks for reading

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