Really Rihanna? REALLY?!

I have just lost all respect for Rihanna. I don’t care how infectious her songs are and how she can make me want to go to Barbados to feel like the “Only Girl in the World.” She just made a mockery of the female sex and that is not okay in my book.

Today was Rihanna’s 24th birthday. It’s sad that I’m only a year older than her yet clearly light-years more mature. Her abusive ex Chris Brown tweeted her birthday wishes today and not only did she reply with a “Thanks!” but she re-tweeted it to her 13.7 million followers. Anyone else with me that this wrong?

If not, how about now… Guess what was just released? No, not a deadly virus to wipe out the stupidity in this world. Not one but TWO remixed songs with them singing together. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!

She is featured on his “Turn Up the Music” even though I’m begging for it to be turned off.  Just when my ears started to bleed with this travesty, I hear the remixed sex infused “Birthday Cake” which is honestly the most repulsive song I have ever heard in my life. I would rather listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” remixed with a Gregorian Chant over the sounds of a toilet bowl flushing than ever hear this song again.

It’s not necessarily the content, although with all those sexual innuendos I’m not sure eating a birthday cake will ever be the same, it’s that this excuse of a man beat her with his bare hands and turned her face into a crime scene and she’s allowing him to sing about having sex with her again.

As if it isn’t bad enough that Brown still has a career, Rihanna goes ahead and does this. She is giving the wrong impression to women that it’s okay for a man to beat you; that you can go back to him and everything will be okay. Granted, Rihanna isn’t exactly role model material with songs like “S&M” but she is a woman in a highly coveted public position where people do look up to her. I feel like she forgot what exactly happened that ill fated night. I think she needs to reread the police report before she takes another breath before she winds up taking her last with him.

There really are no words to express just how frustrating and disappointing this is to hear. I honestly feel betrayed by a fellow female that she has gone ahead and told the world that Chris Brown is okay and that he can lick her icing.

If this is the world that we really live in, count me out.



  1. efrad · February 21, 2012

    Absolutely true. Im with you. We can count out together. Im sure it was a publicity stunt. Browns managers begging for her to retweet so he can sell some singles. What a WASTE of space. rihanna, next time stick to your guns girl!

  2. Roxanne · February 24, 2012

    Totally agree! I feel like we’re witnessing the next Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown here. It’s a damn shame!

    • nrmurph · February 24, 2012

      Whitney and Bobby. Ike and Tina. And now Chris and Rihanna. For her sake I hope she realizes this!

  3. biladywrites · February 29, 2012

    TOTALLY agree. I just read the full police report for the first time and it is worse than I ever imagined. No amount of violence is acceptable but what he did was difficult to read, let alone, I’m sure, experience. I know the cycle of violence can be hard to break out of and I wouldn’t judge her for getting back together with him because it can be so difficult to give up on someone you love, etc- but if she IS going to make the decision to go back to her abuser after all this time apart, she needs to think about the impression she’s making on the world, too. Maybe it’s not fair that she’s famous and thus her love life is up for consideration, but that’s the situation she’s in and that’s how she has to handle it.

    To be honest, from what I’ve read it sounds like she doesn’t have anyone looking out for her. Being encouraged to make songs with him after he just so happens to have won some awards and performed at the Grammys? That’s suspicious to me. She needs a “get a grip” friend like nobody’s business right now.

    • nrmurph · February 29, 2012

      The police report really puts things in perspective because it’s the hard facts. I completely sympathize with the aspect of being in love and it being difficult to part ways or see the wrong in a person, but if getting beat like that wasn’t bad enough, what will be? Killing her? I think with almost all famous people, they DON’T have someone watching their back. When you look at people like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson, who had the world at their fingertips at one point and went down a dark path and NONE of their friends or family members intervened properly? Sure, no one will never know what goes on behind closed doors but I do hope someone is telling Rihanna to be careful. I mean even Jay Z expressed disapproval over their relationship and he discovered her!

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