Oscars 2012: Silently Inspiring

Life feels a bit empty now that the Oscars are over. No more award shows to look forward to, no more dresses to gawk over, no more hope for so-and-so to win. Now begins another full year of cinema- the good and the bad- until we’re back discussing nominees yet again.

People are always saying how award shows are boring but I don’t know what they honestly expect to see. The fact that you’re witnessing all that talent in one room is exciting enough! This year’s show was extremely straight to the point. Billy Crystal did a good job of maintaining the pace of the show and the films being honored spoke for themselves.

The lone shocking moment of the night was that Meryl Streep won- if you can even consider that a shocker. And thankfully, the Academy didn’t break the 11th Commandment and play music over her acceptance speech. Meryl deserves all the awards in the world, but as a 17 time nominee who hasn’t won since 1982 and momentum going for Viola Davis, it was surprising to see her walk up there and collect her 3rd Oscar. As she joked, “When they called my name I had this feeling I could hear half of America going ‘Oh no! Oh c’mon, why? Her? Again? But whatever.” Meryl, you can win every award and I’d still applaud. Unless you’re up against Kate Winslet, then we have a problem.

The Artist and Hugo were the biggest winners of the night, with the silent film racking in the top honors of Best Picture and Best Director while Scorsese’s flick dominated the technical awards. While I have yet to see The Artist, I think it’s incredibly inspirational for such a drastically unique film to  be such a presence at the Academy Awards.  A silent film hasn’t won an Oscar since 1929 and in this world of so much noise and extravagance, The Artist proves that sticking to your ideas of art can go a very long way.

Sure, I would have liked The Help to win, but Octavia Spencer’s emotional victory was enough to represent the essence of the entire film. Christopher Plummer’s win for Beginners was just as heartwarming because at 82 years old, he became the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar. For it to be his first Oscar is an inspirational reminder that anything is possible at any age.

What really needed more recognition was Bridesmaids, which managed to be nominated at every major award show, and not win. Where are the awards for Kristen Wiig for original screenplay? They must be lost. Or hidden with Angelina Jolie’s left leg, because the right one was front and center last night to the point that it got its own Twitter account!

Angelina looked amazing as usual, on a carpet full of great dresses and looks. One shoulder gowns seemed to be all the rage, which makes me sad that my one shoulder dress was just sitting in my closet last night instead of making its appearance in front of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Best Dressed

Milla Jovovich, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Octavia Spencer


Worst Dressed

Berenice Bejo, Anna Faris, J-Lo, Sascha Baron Cohen


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  1. Eimear Gorda · March 6, 2012

    You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour. Jim Rohn

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