From Glee Club to Strip Club

When I got my first computer, my mom told me two things:

  1. Don’t sit too close to the screen.
  2. Never take a nude picture of yourself and send it to someone.

I was 12 and didn’t understand why on Earth anyone would do such a thing or why my mom had such a dirty mind. Somehow before the Internet even took off, she knew the dangers of something going viral.

Whenever a celebrity has scandalous pictures leaked, I shake my head and wonder how they could be so careless. Not to be hacked, but to take the pictures in the first place! Didn’t their mothers teach them the same lesson? Didn’t they learn from all of their famous predecessors who made the same mistake?

The latest victim of gratuitous body shots hitting the web is actually someone I like, but that doesn’t change my opinion on the matter. Heather Morris does have an amazing body. Her body is so great that last year I wrote an exercise song about how I wanted to get her dancer’s physique. Yet not even someone with a toned and trimmed body like that should be snapping naked provocative pictures of themselves and sending them through a phone or email.

I find these pictures of celebrities to be disheartening because yes, if they weren’t famous, they could have sent the pictures to their significant other or hang them around their homes and it wouldn’t be anybody’s business but their own. There are very few things that they do that doesn’t go unseen, but what they look like without clothes on should really be as private as possible.

If you look at the majority of the pictures on my phone, you’d find a super cute baby, a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf coffee machine, and random artsy items. At worst, you’ll think I’m a hipster pedophile with an affinity for coffee but at least I’m not naïve and naked for the world to see.


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