Dark Disco Days

Take a minute to think back to every school dance, sweet sixteen, prom, block party, or wedding you have ever been to. Are you there yet? Do you see some out of style fashion and friends you don’t speak to anymore? Okay, good, you’re almost there. Now think of the end of the night, when the DJ announces that they’re playing one more song before the evening wraps up. You’re sad because the night is technically winding down, but then the first notes of that song play and no matter what, you are suddenly energized and ready to sing and dance with those friends you once had.

This classic Donna Summer song will forever be unanimous with parties to me and now that the Queen of Disco has left us far too soon, I wonder if parties will ever be the same.

And now, just when you find yourself deep in musical nostalgia, another singer is taken from you. With the passing of Bee Gee Robin Gibb, disco has certainly taken a severe hit the past few days. Two incredible talents, both taken too soon from cancer.

When music legends pass away, they’re never really gone. They leave behind a musical collection which luckily can be played for generations to come. Yet it’s still a sad reminder that they can no longer bless us with their soothing voices and lyrics.

Let’s all take a moment to put on our disco shoes and twirl around in their honor.


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