Oops… They Did It Again

Let’s set the record straight: I love Britney Spears. I’ve been mildly obsessed for the past 14 years since “Baby One More Time” came out. I’ve seen her in concert 6 times, I own physical copies of every album, and at one point in my life, had pictures of her and Justin Timberlake all over my room. Yeah, I admit it.

That being said, I have a big problem with the twisted tales being published that Britney and her camp are outraged over last week’s Britney meltdown Glee episode. The reason I have a problem with it isn’t because I disagree- sure it was a little offensive to go after a touchy subject but it showed Brittany rise as a phoenix just like the real Britney did- I have a problem because there is just no way her camp “didn’t know.”

Britney is now FOX property. FOX pays her $14 million X-Factor paycheck. FOX is also the parent company of Glee. So you want to tell me that FOX allowed Glee to air that episode without running it by her majesty? No. Way.

I think this is a perfect example of carefully orchestrated PR. Glee has had relatively solid ratings in its new time slot after X-Factor, but what’s the best way to make sure it stays that way even though the show is progressively getting worse each week? Stir up some drama. Naturally people are going to be intrigued and tune in to X-Factor to see if Britney addresses it and then most likely continue to keep FOX on to see what Glee is up to now.

IF Britney honestly had no idea and was blindsided, then shame on FOX. I’d say shame on Glee but they already have enough things to be shameful for this season. Except for the absence of Finn Hudson. I greatly enjoy that. No matter what the true story is, she is on top of the world again because after all, it’s Britney, bitch!



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