Not Amused Musings

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Murphy’s Musings is back!

I wish there could be a better reason for prompting me to return, such as an epiphany in a dream where Tina Fey said, ‘”you can do it!” but alas it’s much less glamorous. In fact, it’s probably the worst motivator in the world. My return is because of Kim Kardashian.

KK coverYes, that talentless, attention seeking, wife of that big mouthed rapper is the reason I decided to blog again. Why? Because when I found out yesterday that she has a book coming out, I momentarily questioned whether or not to jump in front of the next arriving train on my commute home. Hearing that news hurt as much as John Boehner’s skin after a bout of tanning, but more on that later.

Clearly anyone can get a book deal these days. Well, anyone who lacks talent but has a huge following of mindless sheep that are eager to dish out money. Her book, appropriately titled Selfish, is a collection of selfie photos of herself. Judging by this cover, the photos are sure to be heavy on skin and narcissism and lacking clothes and decency.

These are supposed to be “never before seen” photos but let’s be real- no matter the location, angle, background, additional people in the picture, it’s all been seen before. Once you have a sex tape, its all been seen and cannot be unseen.

How have we reached this point in time where someone like Kim Kardashian continues to be glorified in every possible way, yet people working for the greater good in the world are not? Do we all need to have a sex tape, failed marriages to sub-par NBA players, plastic surgery, and terrible reality shows with our equally terrible families in order to be deemed important in pop culture?

This Kardashian trend is as perplexing as John Boehner’s face- I told you we’d get back to him. After last night’s State of the Union, I can’t help but wonder if tax payer dollars are being used to keep his skin Oompa Loompa orange. And I wonder if someone like John Boehner is just as damaging to society like Kim Kardashian? All we can do is hope he won’t use his powers for evil and take away all the Wonka candy in the world. I would not be amused.



One comment

  1. Me · January 21, 2015

    And now the oompah loompah song is stuck in my head.

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