From Glee Club to Strip Club

When I got my first computer, my mom told me two things:

  1. Don’t sit too close to the screen.
  2. Never take a nude picture of yourself and send it to someone.

I was 12 and didn’t understand why on Earth anyone would do such a thing or why my mom had such a dirty mind. Somehow before the Internet even took off, she knew the dangers of something going viral.

Whenever a celebrity has scandalous pictures leaked, I shake my head and wonder how they could be so careless. Not to be hacked, but to take the pictures in the first place! Didn’t their mothers teach them the same lesson? Didn’t they learn from all of their famous predecessors who made the same mistake?

The latest victim of gratuitous body shots hitting the web is actually someone I like, but that doesn’t change my opinion on the matter. Heather Morris does have an amazing body. Her body is so great that last year I wrote an exercise song about how I wanted to get her dancer’s physique. Yet not even someone with a toned and trimmed body like that should be snapping naked provocative pictures of themselves and sending them through a phone or email.

I find these pictures of celebrities to be disheartening because yes, if they weren’t famous, they could have sent the pictures to their significant other or hang them around their homes and it wouldn’t be anybody’s business but their own. There are very few things that they do that doesn’t go unseen, but what they look like without clothes on should really be as private as possible.

If you look at the majority of the pictures on my phone, you’d find a super cute baby, a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf coffee machine, and random artsy items. At worst, you’ll think I’m a hipster pedophile with an affinity for coffee but at least I’m not naïve and naked for the world to see.


Best of 2011

Best Song:

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

This song is on the right track to be the anthem of the year.

Best Album:

Adele – 21

If she doesn’t sweep the Grammy Awards in February, I will lose my faith in the music industry completely.

Best Music Video:

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

Can’t help but love the homage to 80’s movies and the random celebrity appearances.

Best TV Show:


Okay, so I may get frustrated with storylines and the writers’ general lack of knowledge about their own show, but it’s still the best show on TV with a ridiculously talented cast. It doesn’t hurt that basically everyone is so attractive it hurts.

Best Movie:


Thank you Kristin Wiig for showing the world just how funny women can be funny. And Melissa McCarthy, you are a scene stealer. Please go to the bathroom in sinks more often

Best Book:

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Dear Tina: Do you know how much I love you? Let me count the ways… oh wait, there aren’t enough numbers to express that

Best Actor/Actress:

Ryan Gosling

Even though I still haven’t seen Crazy Stupid Love, Ides of March, or Drive (I know, I suck), I can tell that Ryan Gosling is clearly the biggest actor of the year. His face (/”Photoshopped” body) and name seem to be everywhere. There’s even a Tumblr page of a collection of Gosling Tumblr pages. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Biggest Break-up

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

I’m still crying over Kim and Kris’ breakup. I’ve lost all faith in love now! NOT! Their breakup was big because it was disgusting. Who divorces after 72 days? Oh right, spoiled rotten brats like Kim Kardashian who abuse the right to marry while pocketing millions of dollars and ratings in the progress. It’s really sad that people are afraid that gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage, yet being allowed to do this is okay. What a world we live in.

Biggest Loser:

Ashton Kutcher

Sure, he got a record-breaking contract on a highly publicized show, but he’s a loser. Who cheats on Demi Moore?! Also, what’s happened to his adorable face? All that scruff just makes him look even more like, well, the Biggest Loser of 2011

Person of the Year:

Steve Jobs

There’s really not much left to say about the late genius. He has changed the way we listen to music, talk to our friends, and how we interact on a daily basis. His contributions to technology will be remembered forever and we thank him for sharing his creativity with the world. May he Rest In Peace

Who to Watch in 2012

Lana Del Rey

She became an internet sensation recently and sold out shows without even having released an album, trust me, I was one of those who wasn’t able to get tickets but don’t take my word for it, have a listen to her brilliance.

The Best of 2010

Best Song:

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

It was the song that got stuck in your head over and over and over again.


Best Music Video:

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé for Telephone. Epic!

Best TV Show:


Best Movie:

Black Swan

It might have only come out on December 3, but it blew everything else out of the water.

Best Actor/Actress:

Betty White

No one was hotter than Betty and here’s hoping that she shines even brighter in 2011

Biggest Break-Up:

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Three words were never said more during this despicable turn of events… HOW COULD HE?!

Hottest Hookup:

None. Sorry but 2010 was a bit lackluster in celebrity romances.

Wackiest Wacko:

Chelsea Handler

Between dating 50 Cent and showing her lack of class while insulting Angelina Jolie, she definitely qualifies as even wackier than Lindsay Lohan.

Person of the Year:

Going for a two-way tie here: Amber Heard and Naya Rivera.

Amber’s human rights work and personal accomplishments show that she’s going to be the future of Hollywood and it’s about time someone like her came along. With a string of movies set to be released in 2011, everyone will get to know Amber; but I don’t necessarily want to share.

Naya brings so much flare to Glee and the fact that Ryan Murphy finally wised up and made her a series regular with amazing solos leaves her with many Gold Stars; although in true Santana form, she’d reject Rachel’s rewards. Hopefully in 2011, her storyline will get even better and she’ll roll Artie off a cliff.

Most Looking Forward To in 2011?

New music from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga!

Weekly Recap

So much to write about, so little time. Here’s a quick recap of the latest Hollywood news:

  • Ryan Reynolds is crowned the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. Agree or disagree?
  • Prince William is engaged. Let’s hope the paparazzi leave Kate Middleton alone unlike Princess Diana.
  • Pink is pregnant.
  • Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorcing? Guess she can’t be called a Desperate Housewife.
  • 30 Rock is moving to the 10pm time slot.  Now Tina Fey can write dirty jokes. Yay!
  • Last week’s Glee episode, “Never Been Kissed,” addressed the bullying epidemic. Last night Gwyneth Paltrow rocked as a substitute teacher. Let’s hope Ryan Murphy & Co. keep up continuity and previous storylines in the upcoming episodes. PS- Brittany and Artie DON’T go together!
  • Sarah Palin’s show debuted on TLC to the channels’ highest ratings ever. That scares me.
  • Her daughter Willow used homophobic slurs to insult someone on Facebook who disliked her mom’s TV show. Really? Way to be mature. Oh wait, what did we expect from a family of buffoons? God help us all in 2012.

Cox-Arquette Split Brings Too Much Information

Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s minds when they’re suffering from word vomit. Do they realize they’re making a mistake but can’t stop now that they’ve started? Or do they just have no remorse or shame for airing dirty details?

I really can’t understand what possessed David Arquette to go on Howard Stern and dish personal information the day after announcing he and Courtney Cox are separating after 11 years of marriage. Surely there can be no chance of reconciliation for the two now that he told the world that they haven’t had sex in five months and that during that time period he slept with a waitress. Twice.

Apparently Courtney knew he was going to say it and she was okay with that, which is still peculiar, but does he have no decency? I’m sure his daughter will love to find that out when she’s older and googles her daddy’s name. As for Courtney, that was probably the last thing she wanted the world to know, but it makes her look like the victim. Her husband cheated on her when she wasn’t intimate with him. He’s now a fool.

Even though they’ve been very upfront about their marital problems or use of couples’ therapy in the past, this crossed into unspoken territory and raises the question of just how much do we need to know about celebrities’ lives? Do we need to know how long they go without sex, or how often they have it? What’s next? Telling us how often they go to the bathroom?

Sometimes less is more. It keeps up the mystery that makes you crave more.  If only celebrities knew that.

Part 4: Why Women Shouldn’t Date Cheaters

They say love is blind. Surely the lovely Sandra Bullock must have been blind sided when she fell for Jesse James. By Hollywood standards, they were an odd pairing because after all, Hollywood is shallow.

Now that their divorce is settled, Bullock has returned to a degree of normalcy with her adorable new son. James has done what James is good at- moving on.

This week James was spotted having dinner and holding hands with LA Ink star Kat Von D. If we never knew of James’ past romantic involvements, we would surely say that they seem to make a great couple. A match made in ink. They could spend hours swapping tattoo stories as well as create rebellious joint business adventures. Yet since we all know how destructive James can be in relationships, the question is: what is she thinking?

It’s always baffling as to why women become involved with notorious cheaters (A-Rod, Jude Law). It degrades the female sex that they can’t be smarter about their decisions and protect their heart and sanity. Do they believe the person’s money and star status outshine their negative attributes? But what if he was an average Joe that works 9-5, makes $50,000 a year and sleeps with every woman he comes across? I doubt they’d be with him then.

Kat Von D should know better; as all women should know better. Once a cheater always a cheater. It’s only been several months since the Bullock blowup; James hasn’t changed his ways,  he’s only going after someone in his own league.

Yesterday, Von D had tweeted “And yes, Jesse and I are dating” before she promptly deleted it. Hopefully she realized he’d be a big mistake.

Proposition Hate Overruled!

To celebrate yesterday’s overruling of the hateful and unconstitutional Prop 8 in California, let’s celebrate Hollywood’s favorite gays who deserve equal rights.

And lets not forget America’s favorite coach

Equal rights for all!