Lea Michele Too Sexy? Or Not Sexy Enough?

Enter from stage left, Lea Michele channeling Julie Andrews belting:

The news is alive with the sounds of sexism.

Okay, so Lea hasn’t been doing her own rendition of The Sound of Music but I think she should. For the second time, Lea has come under fire for being “too sexy” on a magazine cover. Compared to other magazine covers in recent years, she’s actually not sexy enough!

Lea is gracing the cover of March’s Cosmopolitan Magazine and she looks great! But people like those right winged agenda pushing fools at Fox News call her a “bad role model for children.” First of all, there is chaos breaking out in Egypt, horrendous weather in the Northeast, and economic downfalls still occurring and Fox News wants to focus on Lea Michele’s boobs?!

An “outraged parent” is even quoted as saying,

“I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message. She plays such a ‘good girl’ on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended.”

Hate to break it to you lady, but your son either  A- needs to be tested for brain problems if he can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction, B- is actually excited, if you know what I mean C- gay; hence his confusion.

And if you let your child read Cosmopolitan to begin with, you’re a bad parent! Do you really want him/her knowing the sex position of the month at the age of 13? Also, Glee isn’t the ideal program for them either. Just put a Justin Bieber CD on instead and let them twirl themselves to sleep every Tuesday night where they’ll dream about brushing his hair with their fingertips.

Glee features characters in high school that engage in sexual activity, fights, and all those other things that teenagers do. If you can’t stomach the fact that not every teenager is a celibate hermit, then please refrain from watching the show, trolling Glee sites, and ruining the fun for everyone else.

But to then extend it to the actresses on the show who are partaking in other ventures for their career is just ludicrous. Lea is 24 years old. She’s a ‘Fun Fearless Female’ just like the slogan for Cosmopolitan. She has every right to be on that cover looking sexy. She has NO obligation to remain Rachel Berry every single second of her life. There is a line to be drawn between characters and the people who play them and I’m starting to believe that there is a huge male agenda against the women of Glee. Lea and Dianna faced hell for the GQ cover, Jenna Ushkowitz was basically called fat at the SAG Awards, and people talk about Naya Rivera like she actually is Santana Lopez. What. The. Hell.

The sexism is screaming loudly and it’s sickening. Robert Pattinson can pose without a shirt on a cover of a magazine and TwiHard moms don’t complain. They don’t say “Oh my God, my eyes! My poor child will be traumatized seeing him not sparkle!” No. Men can pose “sexy” all they want and no one ever says “Whoa, too much.” But time and time again, women are criticized.

Women are just not treated properly and something as simple as a magazine outcry is an example of that. People still want women to be boring and silenced like it’s 1909. Even female doctors are feeling the backlash of sexism these days. I guess the only way to get paid properly is to play a doctor on TV; but then again, if Ellen Pompeo posed with a little cleavage, you better stop the press and alert the Parents Television Council!


Jennifer Aniston vs. Bill O’Reilly

FoxNews likes to make something out of nothing every chance they can get. Bill O’Reilly in particular likes to tell people to “shut up.” If you haven’t seen OutFoxed, please Netflix it now.

While promoting The Switch, a film about artificial insemenation, Jennifer Aniston made the following comment:

“Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.”

O’Reilly and his Barbie wanna be minions, Hoover and Carlson, went on the offensive attacking Aniston in ways that are just plain wrong and ignorant. O’Reilly is upset that the actress is diminishing “the role of the dad” and that she is telling 12 year old girls  it’s okay if they don’t have fathers for their children. Way to take a comment out of context.

Making light of Aniston’s personal life and calling her a “41 year old single woman” is honestly so 1950s. Just because a woman does not marry does not make her any less of a woman. Carlson further stated “Why would you want that?” in regards to being a single mother or in a same sex relationship.

FoxNews wants to further push their ideologies that women are supposed to marry men and make babies. If not they must either be insane, gay, or a danger to society with their views. Give me a break!

Aniston made a simple and TRUE comment. Women DON’T need men anymore.  They can find alternate means to creation. It can be by unfortunate circumstances, by choice, or even lack of desire but the fact that they still want to have a family really says something about them. These women have hearts and love that they want to give to a child. Just because they don’t want to wait to share that with a man who will likely abandon them one way or another doesn’t make them any less woman; it makes them admirable.

I am Team Aniston on this one.

10 Reasons Why FoxNews Makes Me Vomit and Lady GaGa Makes Me Smile

It’s taken me two days to write this following post. For me, that is an extremely long time. But the content here has truly disturbed me to the point that I could possibly speak about it for days on end. FoxNews has yet again exhibited itself as a sickening right-winged “news” program that makes me furious that it’s still on the air. The documentary OutFoxed needs to be mandatory material in all schools for this reason. What I’m about to address comes from the perspective of an American, a human being, a woman, a student of Journalism, and of course, a Lady GaGa fan.

This snippet of “news” is far more disturbing than the Telephone music video. If you want to spare getting furious, you can read my selection of “best” quotes and commentary on them below, rather than watch this ludicrous discussion from the “Fair & Balanced” fools.

1. “Twisted sexual fantasies”

My question to Sandy Rios from The Culture Campaign is what culture do you represent? Surely not mine, or anyone else’s’ that I know. Of course this video would be too “edgy” for you because your idea of sex is that between a man and a woman that should only happen after they are married. Right? I’m so sure you abided those Biblical rules to the tee! Yet you hypocrites believe it’s acceptable to judge others. Where’s the Christianity in that?

2. “We have to wonder if she has a male member or not”

For someone who has a campaign for “culture” you surely haven’t done your homework. If you did, you would have known that the “penis” reference was in regards to rumors that spread last year that Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite. It wasn’t placed there to ruff your feathers and disturb you. It was there to address rumors in a comical manner, but then again, you wouldn’t know comedy if it hit you over the head with a frying pan.

3. “They do a mass murder at the end”

It’s fictional. Seriously, get over it. Just like horror and action movies, the murders are fictional art. At least it’s not reality such as the wars were involved in right now. How many innocent citizens are being mass murdered daily because the President you kissed the feet of thought we had a reason to spread democracy.  At least Telephone is fiction and meant to be funny.  The only funny thing to come out of the mouths of people like you is “Palin for Vice President.”

4. “GaGa’s lesbian lovers, it’s disgusting”

Disgusting? I’m sure lesbians all over the world will take offense to that. What’s disgusting is your childish belief that two women being together is disgusting. Nothing is wrong with that. Two women or two men can love each other better than you probably love your husbands or wives. They can be better partners, friends, parents, relatives all because they know how to love and appreciate those who love them. There is nothing disgusting about homosexuals except the hatred you express over it.

5. “I would not allow my children to buy Lady GaGa cds”

Of course you wouldn’t. I’m sure they will be raised only on Church hymns and gospel music, oh wait probably not because you’re racist too. Your children will be sheltered and be taught how to hate and discriminate against others because you think you’re right. In your small minded pea-sized brain, you believe that there is something wrong with Lady GaGa music. The only thing she is “POISONING” the youth with is positive energy; telling her fans through her music and persona that it’s okay to be who you are and to follow your dreams. She’s a better parent to your children than you are.

6. “Titillate to get people’s eyeballs on the screen.”

She doesn’t need or want to get people’s eyes on the screen. You clearly are missing the message behind the person and the music. Maybe if you stopped judging the world you would have more time to embrace ideas other than what Rupert Murdoch is shoving down your throat.

7. “Some guy twittered from MTV.”

The correct term is TWEETED. “Some guy tweeted from MTV”. Get your facts and terminology straight before you open your mouth and remind us how foolish you are.

8. Bringing up sexual predators to make it seem like Telephone is pornographic and will lead to sexual molestations of children

What an unbelievable manipulation and twist of the truth! Last time I checked, pornography including a sexual act being performed. I don’t believe ONE on-screen kiss is porn. Nor is the image of a body that is covered in artistic ways with police tape. So what if she danced in a bra and underwear? Every woman has to wear them, it’s not really shocking at all. And I highly doubt that a sexual predator will have the urge to make an advance on a child after watching the adult Lady GaGa perform. Miley Cyrus, maybe. GaGa, definitely not.

9. Ban “sexual art” at the MoMa and Telephone

Banning something seems to be the mentality of your people. And yes, I will call you YOUR people the way you make those who are different from you seem alien. YOUR people like to ban books, movies, songs, art, anything that you goes against your narrow-minded view of the world in fear that YOUR community will see that you are wrong. You ban to protect your wrong thoughts. You BAN to have some sort of power, but its 2010 and you are looking like fools. YOU and YOUR people should be placed in Antarctica to live your sheltered lives together.

10. “Raped our children of their innocence”

Thank you Ms. Rios for proving your idiocy once and for all. What a horrible choice of words coming from the person who believes words and images can trigger a sexual predator. Ms. Rios, according to your beliefs, some child was just harmed because of your choice of words. How will you sleep at night!

In conclusion, these mindless bigots believe that this is a terrible video, that GaGa is a terrible human being, and that everything she addressed in the video is horrific. Well FoxNews, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for reminding me why I have such an aversion for people like YOU. To me, everything about YOUR kind is terrible. You should be banned for your biased news and desire to corrupt the world with your right winged agenda.

You shouldn’t even have the privilege to know who Lady GaGa is, what her music means, and who her fans are. I hope you know that if half the country was going to explode tomorrow that I would rather die with Lady GaGa than live with you.