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Grammy’s For Your Granny

Maybe music the past year just wasn’t as stellar as previous years. Maybe the artists chosen to perform just weren’t engaging enough. Or maybe, the Grammy’s were just boring.

There was more hoopla leading up to the show than the actual show itself. First, there was the talk about how the Grammy’s were inviting artists like Justin Timberlake, who was not nominated, to perform in order to create excitement and draw more viewers. Justin got to perform two songs while the nominated Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, and even Taylor Swift only got to perform one.

Then there was the “memo” that guests should dress appropriately in order to have a PG show. I guess CBS really isn’t over the Super Bowl Nipplegate of 2004. (Holy crap, Batman! That was 9 years ago. Where does the time go?)

grammysJ-Lo and Katy Perry did a good job of defying those rules though. Part of J-Lo’s dress must have got caught up on the block and Katy just really wanted to keep John Mayer’s wandering eye on her California Girls. She really needs better taste in men. Sure, it was sweet that she brought Allison Williams with her as her date but that playboy boyfriend of hers was still there, probably cursing CBS for making the ladies cover up their assets.

If the fashion can’t be exciting, at least let the show be so! Last year Adele swept the boards and the show still had momentum! This year it was boring. So boring that at 9:00 I switched over to watch Girls only to tune back in to see Lena Dunham with fun. boyfriend Jack Antonoff. It was unfortunate that fun. won Best New Artist. “We Are Young” is a decent song, but as an album, Some Nights pales in comparison to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. It would have been nice to see Frank win more than just Best Urban Contemporary Album and Collaboration on “No Church In the Wild.” Maybe one day the Grammy’s will stop being so narrow-minded.

And speaking of disappointments, let’s not forget Rihanna. Four years ago before the Grammy’s, Chris Brown beat her. Last night, she cuddled up next to him acting like a couple “in love.” It’s unfortunate that my natural ChrisRiRifeeling is to slap some sense into her, because violence is wrong, but seriously RiRi- what are you thinking!?  Clearly you don’t aspire to be a role model with songs like “S&M” but you are an embarrassment to women everywhere. Shame on you forever.

Maybe next year I just won’t watch the Grammy’s, then I won’t be bored or disappointed. Unless Beyonce or Gaga are performing. Then you know the show will be worth watching.

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Rolling in the Grammys

Turns out Adele can have it all. The acclaimed British songstress swept the 54th annual Grammy Awards, adding 6 statues to her previous 2 from 2009. She truly was the star of the night, especially with her much-anticipated first live performance since her throat surgery in November. She deserved every second of screen time and every standing ovation.

But the same can’t be said for others. Mainly Chris Brown. Who invited him? Why is he still relevant in pop culture? Why didn’t Lady Gaga knock him out with her sceptre last night? After he lip-synched his way through his performance (this is the Grammys, not So You Think You Can Dance) then he actually won an award! The screeching cat outside my window deserved that award more. Then, surprise! He performed again with David Guetta and Deadmau5 in a tasteless transition from Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful rendition of “I Will Always Love You” for Whitney Houston. I’m sure most people went from tears to jeers. I know I did.

Adele represents everything that’s right in the world- embracing your natural beauty, turning pain into success, overcoming obstacles. Brown is everything that’s wrong- lack of remorse, abuse, arrogance. It’s a sad reminder that we live in a twisted society when you see girls tweeting that they want Brown to beat them. Um….

The only karma was that Rihanna gave one of the more enjoyable performances of the night with Coldplay. Although my favorite, Adele aside, was probably Katy Perry’s dig to Russell Brand with her new song “Part of Me.” Plus, I really like her ice blue hair.

Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” on the other hand was almost a bigger question mark than the excessive Brown. Almost. Every time I think I might kind of like Minaj, she does something too outrageous and I take a step back. What on heaven and hell was that performance?! There is no way to ever make an exorcism, West Side Story, and the Catholic Church ever blend together on stage. Not even Gaga or Madonna could pull that off.

What were your favorite Grammy moments? Bon Iver as Best New Artist? Beach Boys reunion? Alicia Keys and Bonnie Rait’s Etta James tribute?

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Best of 2011

Best Song:

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

This song is on the right track to be the anthem of the year.

Best Album:

Adele – 21

If she doesn’t sweep the Grammy Awards in February, I will lose my faith in the music industry completely.

Best Music Video:

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

Can’t help but love the homage to 80′s movies and the random celebrity appearances.

Best TV Show:


Okay, so I may get frustrated with storylines and the writers’ general lack of knowledge about their own show, but it’s still the best show on TV with a ridiculously talented cast. It doesn’t hurt that basically everyone is so attractive it hurts.

Best Movie:


Thank you Kristin Wiig for showing the world just how funny women can be funny. And Melissa McCarthy, you are a scene stealer. Please go to the bathroom in sinks more often

Best Book:

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Dear Tina: Do you know how much I love you? Let me count the ways… oh wait, there aren’t enough numbers to express that

Best Actor/Actress:

Ryan Gosling

Even though I still haven’t seen Crazy Stupid Love, Ides of March, or Drive (I know, I suck), I can tell that Ryan Gosling is clearly the biggest actor of the year. His face (/”Photoshopped” body) and name seem to be everywhere. There’s even a Tumblr page of a collection of Gosling Tumblr pages. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Biggest Break-up

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

I’m still crying over Kim and Kris’ breakup. I’ve lost all faith in love now! NOT! Their breakup was big because it was disgusting. Who divorces after 72 days? Oh right, spoiled rotten brats like Kim Kardashian who abuse the right to marry while pocketing millions of dollars and ratings in the progress. It’s really sad that people are afraid that gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage, yet being allowed to do this is okay. What a world we live in.

Biggest Loser:

Ashton Kutcher

Sure, he got a record-breaking contract on a highly publicized show, but he’s a loser. Who cheats on Demi Moore?! Also, what’s happened to his adorable face? All that scruff just makes him look even more like, well, the Biggest Loser of 2011

Person of the Year:

Steve Jobs

There’s really not much left to say about the late genius. He has changed the way we listen to music, talk to our friends, and how we interact on a daily basis. His contributions to technology will be remembered forever and we thank him for sharing his creativity with the world. May he Rest In Peace

Who to Watch in 2012

Lana Del Rey

She became an internet sensation recently and sold out shows without even having released an album, trust me, I was one of those who wasn’t able to get tickets but don’t take my word for it, have a listen to her brilliance.

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Dear Grammys: Forget You!

Following my anger over last year’s Grammy awards, I honestly had hoped for redemption this year. But after watching a three and a half hour show that was mainly focused on musical performances rather than awards, I realized that the Grammys are exactly just that: not focused on the awards.

I still don’t know who this elite “Recording Academy” is but clearly they are a group of pretentious people who sit in a room listening to CDs without once actually interacting with the world outside. If they did, they would have said “You know what; Lady Gaga deserves Album of The Year this year. We gave it to Taylor Swift last year but now she’s nowhere. Gaga is a constant force of hit songs and musical love. Give it to Gaga!”

But no. Album of the Year went to Arcade Fire. Granted, Arcade Fire is a hard working band and naturally, to even be nominated means that they are good, but seriously? Arcade Fire beat Gaga? Arcade Fire beat Katy Perry whose Teenage Dream album dominated the charts last year? Arcade Fire beat out Eminem whose Recovery put him back in the music scene with a blast?

It just seems like Album of the Year has been going to the artist who the elite like best, rather than who people worldwide like best. It’s all about politics and that’s understandable. Not everyone is going to agree on music taste the same way not everyone will agree that the Black Swan is actually the most deserving film of Best Picture at the Oscars. But with music, shouldn’t sales, radio plays, ticket sales, and generally pandemonium at least matter a little bit?

Although, I do realize that that statement protects Justin Bieber, who I am no way, shape, or form, a fan of. Yet even I was shocked at Esperanza Spalding winning Best New Artist. That was the biggest “Who?” moment of the night. Personally, I wanted the amazing Florence and the Machine to win because they deserved it! But in the same right, Drake and Bieber had mega years as well and in their own right they deserved to win Best New Artist as well. But instead, the elite wanted a shocking upset.

Awards aside, there were some great performances. Starting off the show with the Aretha tribute felt a bit out of place but what a great compilation of voices to honor the legend. Gaga rocked as usual with her performance of Born This Way. Mick Jagger still knows how to work it, Bob Dylan sounded like he needed sleep.

But the best performance of the night hands down goes to Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow. Cee-Lo is a smart man. He knows that Gwyneth’s Glee rendition of his song was a hit so why not have her share the Grammy stage and rock with his feathers and Muppet friends? Forget You was unforgettable; unlike the rest of the show.

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The Best of 2010

Best Song:

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

It was the song that got stuck in your head over and over and over again.


Best Music Video:

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé for Telephone. Epic!

Best TV Show:


Best Movie:

Black Swan

It might have only come out on December 3, but it blew everything else out of the water.

Best Actor/Actress:

Betty White

No one was hotter than Betty and here’s hoping that she shines even brighter in 2011

Biggest Break-Up:

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Three words were never said more during this despicable turn of events… HOW COULD HE?!

Hottest Hookup:

None. Sorry but 2010 was a bit lackluster in celebrity romances.

Wackiest Wacko:

Chelsea Handler

Between dating 50 Cent and showing her lack of class while insulting Angelina Jolie, she definitely qualifies as even wackier than Lindsay Lohan.

Person of the Year:

Going for a two-way tie here: Amber Heard and Naya Rivera.

Amber’s human rights work and personal accomplishments show that she’s going to be the future of Hollywood and it’s about time someone like her came along. With a string of movies set to be released in 2011, everyone will get to know Amber; but I don’t necessarily want to share.

Naya brings so much flare to Glee and the fact that Ryan Murphy finally wised up and made her a series regular with amazing solos leaves her with many Gold Stars; although in true Santana form, she’d reject Rachel’s rewards. Hopefully in 2011, her storyline will get even better and she’ll roll Artie off a cliff.

Most Looking Forward To in 2011?

New music from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga!

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Protesting is as Christian as Mel Gibson Hitting Women

The Westboro Baptist Church, led by extremist Fred Phelps, seem to enjoy protesting in order to spread their beliefs. They also believe that spreading hatred, violence, and making use of judgmental values makes them good Christians.

As usual, the religious extremists are not realizing their hypocrisy and how they are not good Christians by acting out in such ways. Wouldn’t God want us to love one another? After all, he’s the one that said we are all created in his image and likeness. But let’s not get technical; these people only have one agenda. And that’s not stopping the consumption of shellfish, which is also in the Bible.

When the West Baptist “Church” protested Lady Gaga’s concert in St. Louis last weekend, they came armed with signs of “God Hates Gaga” “God Hates Fags”. To that I say, “God Hates Haters!”

At Comic-Con last week they came with their right winged signs of “God Hates America,” “You Hate God,” and “AntiChrist = Obama.”

Luckily, the Comic-Coners were prepared and had a counter attack, mocking the organization with their “God Hates Jedi” signs as well as “Fags are Sexy Beasts” and “The Dark Knight is By My Side.”

I firmly believe that an organization of this kind should not receive any media attention because to them, that’s their mission- to be seen and convince others that homosexuals, liberals, Obama, and even Lady Gaga and comic fans are evil and corrupt. Yet even though they don’t deserve the time of day, shouldn’t we be made away of the seeds of evil that are existing in our own country?

What do you think: are they worth talking about or  should we pretend they don’t exist?

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When Your Favorite Celebs Do Bad Things

… how do you respond?

This thought came to mind after a friend of mine inquired on my thoughts of Lady Gaga’s antics at recent baseball games in New York. During her Citi Field outing I was happy to see her at a Met game period, regardless of the finger flipping to the press. But then she went to the Bronx… in a Yankees jersey… during the Subway Series.

As an avid Gaga and Mets fan, I felt completely torn, even over something as simple as this. I believe that people I’m fans of should share the same views or values that I do. Isn’t that why we’re fans of certain people after all?

Let’s take this to a bigger stage than a baseball game: did fans of Chris Brown turn away after the Rihanna incident? Does Amy Winehouse have any fans left? Do fans stick by their favorite celebrities regardless of what they do?

In the end, we are all human. We all make mistakes and have lapses in judgment at times. Yet if those people were in our immediate circle of friends, wouldn’t we distance ourselves from them after such negative acts?

For the record, I’m not abandoning Lady Gaga just because she wore a Yankees jersey, even though I dislike 92% of Yankee fans. But I do know that if we ever became friends that would be the first thing I talked to her about.

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Analyzing Alejandro

I know that we are young and I know that you may love me, but I just can’t be with you like this anymore….


For those that couldn’t tell,  “Alejandro” is a breakup song. Don’t call my name because we’re over! Whether the break-up is with men named Alejandro, a drug addiction, an eating disorder, your girlfriend, your friend, an obsession with Lady Gaga, whoever or whatever it’s with, the honeymoon is over.

So you were probably expecting tears and heartbreak in the video right? Well obviously not because its Lady Gaga were talking about and she does things her own way (although there was a funeral to honor the death of the relationship). There is no denying that this video channels Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue” with the religious and black and white aspects, but she is doing it on purpose. Gaga is saying to all the complainers, “Yeah I am like Madonna, so what? Visionaries are to be appreciated, not compared and disregarded.” Just like how Gaga addressed her hermaphrodite rumors in “Telephone,” she comes head on with those imitator allegations in “Alejandro.” And while I do love Madonna, Gaga has taken it to a whole new level.  Madonna was a cone but Gaga is a machine gun. Literally.

The “Alejandro” video which premiered yesterday carries a heavy meaning and is a different kind of breakup than most would expect. It’s a breakup with conforming to society’s standards.  Here Gaga is building an army. An army of gay men who know how to dance in sync, wear high heels and stockings, and have no problem or fear about that because they are surrounded by peers. Sounds a lot like our military.. oh wait, no, people still have a hard time coping with the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” But these soldiers don’t want to fight a war with explosions, they want a war for rights.

These men are strong and no longer are they going to pretend to be with women (like Gaga) or feel less adequate because of who they truly are. No longer will they be marionettes in this mind control game.  There is certainly a correlation between the soldiers and the Nazi regime, which seems to be alluding to the fact that others are trying to control us and dictate our lives in an unwelcoming way. The “Alejandro” video is saying, “Screw what the government and religion tells you is right. Do your own thing because you are beautiful.”

I’m sure that the Catholic Church and right winged pundits such as FoxNews will soon be calling for a ban of this video because of it’s rampant sexual undertones and the mockery of everything they consider holy. They went crazy over “Telephone” since they have nothing better to do and now they will be further calling for the boycott of everything Gaga because she ruffled their perfectly coiffed evil feathers.

I say, good. Great! Keep doing it Gaga! And for all the haters and naysayers- look inside yourself and find the part of you that you’re afraid to embrace. Then realize just how jealous you are of Gaga and her fans who know how to embrace themselves without fear. “Alejandro” says to break up with your fears and stand on your own. Are you strong enough?

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My Encounter With Time’s Most Influential People

Last Tuesday I momentarily contemplated skipping class to star gaze at the Time 100 Most Influential People dinner at the Time Warner Center here in New York. My guilt and work ethic kicked in and I reluctantly went to class like a good graduate student, rather than possibly see Lady GaGa- which if you know me, know that’s a big deal.

After class I sprinted back to the red carpet and only got to see Nick Cannon arrive. Whoop di do! The real stars were inside already. After being told that Lady GaGa was inside, in Belgium, not there, and coming later, I realized that security consisted of a bunch of liars who get joy out of crushing people’s hopes. I felt discouraged but not defeated.

I believe karma was on my side for going to class because the following is what transpired when I went outside:

1. I saw Prince enter with this band.

2. I saw President Clinton leave.

3. I got to meet Gayle King and hear her say “Oprah who?” Sadly that’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to the Big O.

4. I saw Elton John leave.

5. I ran behind Sarah Palin and walked amidst her security to the Trump Hotel where she signed autographs and took pictures even though her husband was pulling her arm to leave. Despite how much I loathe her politics, she was actually nice. But then again, she’s a politician; it’s all a game.

6. After being told (again) Lady GaGa was inside and would be leaving through the garage, I chased after a black SUV that a petite blonde got into. As much as I liked to believe it was her majesty, I sadly found out the next day it wasn’t.

Even though I didn’t see GaGa, and I missed Betty White and all her adorableness, I managed to have an unforgettable experience. Since then I’ve also had a paparazzi ask me out but I’ve passed up on that. I hope I never get famous, I already have one paparazzi that hates me.

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10 Reasons Why FoxNews Makes Me Vomit and Lady GaGa Makes Me Smile

It’s taken me two days to write this following post. For me, that is an extremely long time. But the content here has truly disturbed me to the point that I could possibly speak about it for days on end. FoxNews has yet again exhibited itself as a sickening right-winged “news” program that makes me furious that it’s still on the air. The documentary OutFoxed needs to be mandatory material in all schools for this reason. What I’m about to address comes from the perspective of an American, a human being, a woman, a student of Journalism, and of course, a Lady GaGa fan.

This snippet of “news” is far more disturbing than the Telephone music video. If you want to spare getting furious, you can read my selection of “best” quotes and commentary on them below, rather than watch this ludicrous discussion from the “Fair & Balanced” fools.

1. “Twisted sexual fantasies”

My question to Sandy Rios from The Culture Campaign is what culture do you represent? Surely not mine, or anyone else’s’ that I know. Of course this video would be too “edgy” for you because your idea of sex is that between a man and a woman that should only happen after they are married. Right? I’m so sure you abided those Biblical rules to the tee! Yet you hypocrites believe it’s acceptable to judge others. Where’s the Christianity in that?

2. “We have to wonder if she has a male member or not”

For someone who has a campaign for “culture” you surely haven’t done your homework. If you did, you would have known that the “penis” reference was in regards to rumors that spread last year that Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite. It wasn’t placed there to ruff your feathers and disturb you. It was there to address rumors in a comical manner, but then again, you wouldn’t know comedy if it hit you over the head with a frying pan.

3. “They do a mass murder at the end”

It’s fictional. Seriously, get over it. Just like horror and action movies, the murders are fictional art. At least it’s not reality such as the wars were involved in right now. How many innocent citizens are being mass murdered daily because the President you kissed the feet of thought we had a reason to spread democracy.  At least Telephone is fiction and meant to be funny.  The only funny thing to come out of the mouths of people like you is “Palin for Vice President.”

4. “GaGa’s lesbian lovers, it’s disgusting”

Disgusting? I’m sure lesbians all over the world will take offense to that. What’s disgusting is your childish belief that two women being together is disgusting. Nothing is wrong with that. Two women or two men can love each other better than you probably love your husbands or wives. They can be better partners, friends, parents, relatives all because they know how to love and appreciate those who love them. There is nothing disgusting about homosexuals except the hatred you express over it.

5. “I would not allow my children to buy Lady GaGa cds”

Of course you wouldn’t. I’m sure they will be raised only on Church hymns and gospel music, oh wait probably not because you’re racist too. Your children will be sheltered and be taught how to hate and discriminate against others because you think you’re right. In your small minded pea-sized brain, you believe that there is something wrong with Lady GaGa music. The only thing she is “POISONING” the youth with is positive energy; telling her fans through her music and persona that it’s okay to be who you are and to follow your dreams. She’s a better parent to your children than you are.

6. “Titillate to get people’s eyeballs on the screen.”

She doesn’t need or want to get people’s eyes on the screen. You clearly are missing the message behind the person and the music. Maybe if you stopped judging the world you would have more time to embrace ideas other than what Rupert Murdoch is shoving down your throat.

7. “Some guy twittered from MTV.”

The correct term is TWEETED. “Some guy tweeted from MTV”. Get your facts and terminology straight before you open your mouth and remind us how foolish you are.

8. Bringing up sexual predators to make it seem like Telephone is pornographic and will lead to sexual molestations of children

What an unbelievable manipulation and twist of the truth! Last time I checked, pornography including a sexual act being performed. I don’t believe ONE on-screen kiss is porn. Nor is the image of a body that is covered in artistic ways with police tape. So what if she danced in a bra and underwear? Every woman has to wear them, it’s not really shocking at all. And I highly doubt that a sexual predator will have the urge to make an advance on a child after watching the adult Lady GaGa perform. Miley Cyrus, maybe. GaGa, definitely not.

9. Ban “sexual art” at the MoMa and Telephone

Banning something seems to be the mentality of your people. And yes, I will call you YOUR people the way you make those who are different from you seem alien. YOUR people like to ban books, movies, songs, art, anything that you goes against your narrow-minded view of the world in fear that YOUR community will see that you are wrong. You ban to protect your wrong thoughts. You BAN to have some sort of power, but its 2010 and you are looking like fools. YOU and YOUR people should be placed in Antarctica to live your sheltered lives together.

10. “Raped our children of their innocence”

Thank you Ms. Rios for proving your idiocy once and for all. What a horrible choice of words coming from the person who believes words and images can trigger a sexual predator. Ms. Rios, according to your beliefs, some child was just harmed because of your choice of words. How will you sleep at night!

In conclusion, these mindless bigots believe that this is a terrible video, that GaGa is a terrible human being, and that everything she addressed in the video is horrific. Well FoxNews, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for reminding me why I have such an aversion for people like YOU. To me, everything about YOUR kind is terrible. You should be banned for your biased news and desire to corrupt the world with your right winged agenda.

You shouldn’t even have the privilege to know who Lady GaGa is, what her music means, and who her fans are. I hope you know that if half the country was going to explode tomorrow that I would rather die with Lady GaGa than live with you.

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