Lea Michele Too Sexy? Or Not Sexy Enough?

Enter from stage left, Lea Michele channeling Julie Andrews belting:

The news is alive with the sounds of sexism.

Okay, so Lea hasn’t been doing her own rendition of The Sound of Music but I think she should. For the second time, Lea has come under fire for being “too sexy” on a magazine cover. Compared to other magazine covers in recent years, she’s actually not sexy enough!

Lea is gracing the cover of March’s Cosmopolitan Magazine and she looks great! But people like those right winged agenda pushing fools at Fox News call her a “bad role model for children.” First of all, there is chaos breaking out in Egypt, horrendous weather in the Northeast, and economic downfalls still occurring and Fox News wants to focus on Lea Michele’s boobs?!

An “outraged parent” is even quoted as saying,

“I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message. She plays such a ‘good girl’ on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended.”

Hate to break it to you lady, but your son either  A- needs to be tested for brain problems if he can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction, B- is actually excited, if you know what I mean C- gay; hence his confusion.

And if you let your child read Cosmopolitan to begin with, you’re a bad parent! Do you really want him/her knowing the sex position of the month at the age of 13? Also, Glee isn’t the ideal program for them either. Just put a Justin Bieber CD on instead and let them twirl themselves to sleep every Tuesday night where they’ll dream about brushing his hair with their fingertips.

Glee features characters in high school that engage in sexual activity, fights, and all those other things that teenagers do. If you can’t stomach the fact that not every teenager is a celibate hermit, then please refrain from watching the show, trolling Glee sites, and ruining the fun for everyone else.

But to then extend it to the actresses on the show who are partaking in other ventures for their career is just ludicrous. Lea is 24 years old. She’s a ‘Fun Fearless Female’ just like the slogan for Cosmopolitan. She has every right to be on that cover looking sexy. She has NO obligation to remain Rachel Berry every single second of her life. There is a line to be drawn between characters and the people who play them and I’m starting to believe that there is a huge male agenda against the women of Glee. Lea and Dianna faced hell for the GQ cover, Jenna Ushkowitz was basically called fat at the SAG Awards, and people talk about Naya Rivera like she actually is Santana Lopez. What. The. Hell.

The sexism is screaming loudly and it’s sickening. Robert Pattinson can pose without a shirt on a cover of a magazine and TwiHard moms don’t complain. They don’t say “Oh my God, my eyes! My poor child will be traumatized seeing him not sparkle!” No. Men can pose “sexy” all they want and no one ever says “Whoa, too much.” But time and time again, women are criticized.

Women are just not treated properly and something as simple as a magazine outcry is an example of that. People still want women to be boring and silenced like it’s 1909. Even female doctors are feeling the backlash of sexism these days. I guess the only way to get paid properly is to play a doctor on TV; but then again, if Ellen Pompeo posed with a little cleavage, you better stop the press and alert the Parents Television Council!


Battle of the Sexes- A Grain of Salt

Could I beat up two guys that tried to attack me on the street? Probably not, but I could kick them where it hurts and run for my life. Could Angelina Jolie or Milla Jovovich beat up two guys in the street on and off screen? I’m thinking YES!

Yet with Jolie’s Salt hitting theatres this Friday, a lot of people are claiming that it’s too unrealistic and that a woman can’t be a convincing lead action star. Right, because Tom Cruise in this role would have been a whole lot more convincing. From couch jumping to jumping out of helicopters. That’s believable.

An unnamed chauvinistic male stated this in a Salt IMDB forum: “Another example of a person who seems to think men and women are equals in every possible way which is, of course, utter BS. Did you go to school and learn about the human body? If you did than you must be forgetting something big that separates men and women and makes them way different.

No, it’s not always a man. I think there should be more women in strong roles but it should at least be realistic. Realism is the key factor here. The average woman cannot take down the average man without a weapon. Fact.

I don’t deny that a woman can do just as good as a man on math tests or be a genius and change the world by finding new sources of energy that is clean…those are all mental things. I don’t, however, see the average woman strangling and or getting into a fist fight with a man, that’s the problem.”

So women are now belittled to only excelling in something that is mental? We are apparently incapable of ever being strong enough to kick (excuse my language) male ass. Well winning a fight is half mental so females already have an advantage, plus women are thinner and can move faster than lumps of misused male muscle. Some women can out battle men and action movies with female leads take on that notion, especially when they are led by strong women like Jolie or Jovovich.

The reason men don’t like female action movies is because they are desperately trying to hold on to the belief that men are better than women in everything. God forbid a woman is stronger than them! To them, it takes away their manhood and that’s why for so many years women were denied rights and freedom because men wanted the control and power of being stronger in every way.

While there is no denying that most average women can’t beat men up, some can. And we should all be able to! How long will men continue this macho belief that they are superior than women and are therefore entitled to abuse their strength? Men think they’re stronger that’s why they try to sexually assault women and rape them in the streets or steal their purses. That shows real great use of their powers.

If all women were given the strength that is fictionally enhanced, but could be possible, in Salt, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Charlie’s Angels, etc.. the world would be a much different and better place. I will always love female led action movies because they pose a challenge that is much more engaging to watch.

Part 2: Why Pretty Women Shouldn’t Date Dumb Men

As seen in my previous post about pretty women and ugly men, this seems to be a favorite topic of mine. Maybe I should write a “How-To” guide and steer these women in the right direction. Although what kind of expert am I?

With Jesse James and all his stupidity still on my brain, I am finding the break up of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry to be just as pathetic. Let’s do the math:

1 Hot Halle + 1 Hot Model = 1 Cute Baby ÷ 1 Dumb Boyfriend  x “Wandering Eyes”

Seriously, Gabriel, you were a nobody before you met Halle. Sure you had a pretty face and nice body but no one knew your name. She made you into a commodity in the modeling industry and not only that; you had a child with her, the former Beauty Queen. How dumb can you be to want someone else?

And to think, after all that Halle’s been through. Contemplating suicide over her divorce with baseball player David Justice (I knew I hated the Braves for a reason), divorce from Eric Benet, having to do a sex scene on camera with Billy Bob Thornton, and now you, Mr. French-Canadian Model with no brain.

Not being able to “handle the age difference” after being together for 5 years shows that Gabriel is aging backwards, Benjamin Button style. Clearly he’s still a child. Their 2 year old daughter has a higher IQ than him!

Halle, please join the Winslet/Bullock movie I previously suggested. And bring your Storm X-Men powers while you’re at it.

Why Pretty Women Shouldn’t Be With Ugly Men

Okay, so I admit that sounds harsh and shallow. Yet after the two major Hollywood romance flops this week, and Tiger Woods resonating in the back of my mind, I think it’s safe to say such a statement.

Kate Winslet is a classy and beautiful woman. Winslet’s now ex-husband Sam Mendes was 10 years older than her and didn’t really level out in the looks department. Rumors that he was cheating on Kate don’t help his cause either. Even if work was the cause for the split, how could he love work more than that woman?

Sandra Bullock is also a classy and beautiful woman. Jesse James is the complete opposite with his tough guy persona. Did he think it didn’t count if his mistress was a fellow tattooed biker girl? Hm Miss Congeniality to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee trailer trash? That’s even more pathetic than choosing work over your wife!

Three things should now happen:

  1. 1. Sam Mendes should cry forever that he lost Kate and the next man to cross her path should worship her and all her glory.
  2. Sandra should beat Jesse with the Oscar she won for The Blind Side, since that’s when he cheated on her. She should then re-polish it and place it in her new home.
  3. Kate and Sandra should star in a movie together about horrible husbands that reminds the world just how amazing they are.

At least that’s how I think things should be. People like Mendes (IF he did cheat), James, and even Woods need to be made examples of that this is not acceptable behavior. If men think this is okay, then something is seriously wrong with their mental state.

When average or non-handsome men marry beautiful women, do they get an ego boost? Do they then feel comfortable enough with themselves to make up for lost time and be with as many women as possible? I think the answer is yes.

What do you think?

Baseball Picks Up Where It Left Off

It’s the most wonderful time of the (sports) year!

Baseball Spring Training is in full swing now and while many people are probably saying “Didn’t it just end?” all fans are saying “Finally!”

And it wouldn’t be baseball if a scandal wasn’t already brewing. Alex Rodriguez sure knows how to keep people talking.

First, he dumps his girlfriend for the past 2.5 seconds and makes sure the media knows it wasn’t his fault. No, of course you’re not a male chauvinistic pig! She was just “clingy.”

Then he manages to get into a fender bender in his $400,000 Maybach that probably looks like this:

Only a single man with a $256 million contract would be driving this car. After all, do you see how big the back seat is? He can fit 5 girl-toys in there at once!

And most importantly, A-Rod is now being called in for questioning in regards to a shady Canadian doctor, Anthony Galea, who is under investigation for distributing performance-enhancing drugs. How fitting for A-Roid’s name to be attached to this doctor!

Now that scandal baseball is back, fans everywhere can cheer and be glad that Alex Rodriguez isn’t on their team. World Series win or not, who wants to be tainted with shame? Oh right, the Yankees do.

Are Men From Mars?

As a woman, there are certain things that I firmly believe in. Infidelity being a giant No-No is one of them. I never want to date a cheater, associate with cheaters, admire cheaters, or ever cheat myself.

Yet over this past week I have run into some, possible Martians, who firmly disagree. It appears that men have NO problem with Tiger Woods’ infidelity. They say to forget about it and focus on his golf. In the world I live in, his golf will never be the same because he is not the same! One woman could have been forgivable but over 10 is just down right disgusting.

To take things further, I’ve had online discussions with classmates who praise Alex Rodriguez and disregard his two forms of cheating- infidelity and steroid use. What kind of human being is admirable when they not only cheat on their wife but cheat thousands of fans by pretending to be a good baseball player?

Is it me or is something seriously wrong with this picture?

Men, or shall I say boys, are giving off the impression that behaving in such a way is acceptable. I think that they reason they act this way is because they probably have intentions of doing similar things and don’t want to feel guilty about it. But here’s my proposition to all the small minded man-children out there:

If your wife slept with 12 men other than you while married, would you stand by her?

If your wife lied to you and your children and kept secrets, would you be understanding?

If your wife started taking drugs, would you praise her?

…. I doubt it. Enough with the double standards! Men need to grow some brains and decency or move to Mars and leave Earth to the non-Barbaric people.