“Even Hitler Hates Me” McGee

To quote SNL this past weekend in regards to cheating husbands like Jesse James and less than admirable mistresses like Michelle “Bombshell” McGee:

“There is no Oscar curse, the curse is there are women like Bombshell McGee running around…when your body looks like a dirtbag’s binder from 7th grade metal shop it doesn’t bode well for your character…For every Sandra Bullock there’s a woman who got a tattoo on her forehead because she ran out of room on her labia…Bombshell McGee, I know you’re into Hitler stuff and white supremacy, but if Hitler were alive today even he would be like, ‘Poor Sandra Bullock is so likable.'”


First matters first: If McGee takes to her pathetic Facebook Fan Page to attack Tina Fey’s comments the way she did to Chelsea Handler, not only will she prove her ignorance yet again but she will probably hear an outlash from me. And believe me, I’d be so brutally honest that the Swastika tattooed above her private part will cry and beg for mercy.

I find something seriously wrong with people who get joy and satisfaction out of the suffering and pain of others. That’s exactly what McGee is doing. She’s trying to play the good girl card that she’s a good woman for coming clean about the affair. Right. I’m so sure she did it out of the kindness of her heart to help Sandra. She must have a tattoo inside her head that has damaged her brain from thinking before she slept with James. A good woman would have tried to clarify if they were still together. All she needed to do was read a friggen magazine and search online to find out!

But no. She allowed the affair to happen because she wanted it. She wanted fame from it. She’s a fame-whore. And even though that is a crude word, she epitomizes it in more ways than one. After all, with news that she slept with Carey Hart in the past as well, it becomes pretty obvious that this woman would have sex with anyone in order to be famous. Clearly she could only get someone on her own level of tattoos and motorcycles but anyone with class would have run in the opposite direction.

What this post is really saying is: I am sick and tired of fame-whore mistresses milking their 15 minutes of fame! First Tiger’s ladies and now this mother load of a mistake. What is the world coming to?

And I certainly agree, even the monster Hitler would be rocking a Team Bullock shirt if he was alive. And with Hitler against her, McGee really has nothing left to live for anymore. So “Bombshell,” please ride off on your motorcycle into nothingness now. Thank you.