It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Glee should always air for 2 hours. Correction: Glee should always air for 2 hours when it was as good and magical as it was last night. “Props” and “Nationals” were solid and well written episodes. Especially if you mute the TV every time Finchel has a scene. Then it’s phenomenal!

My only complaint in the entire 2 hours is that they didn’t let the body swap last for nearly long enough. I was just getting used to Puck as Blaine and Rachel as Tina when they pulled us back into reality. I could have certainly had some more Santana mimicking Artie and Quinn as the giddy Sugar. Spot on. Yet, it served its purpose to bring Tina Cohen-Chang front and center for an episode. Finally! How long have I been complaining that Tina is ignored? Long enough for me to receive a text message last night stating: “I think the writers read your blog.” So, on that note, thank you very much for taking my thoughts into consideration. Please hire me for season 4, I have some fresh ideas I would love to share with the world. Call me!

While Props tidied up the lingering Coach Bieste domestic abuse storyline, Puck’s angst, and Rachel’s quest for acceptance into NYADA, “Nationals” brought us back to what Glee is really about. The music. The camaraderie. The desire to make a dream come true. While Brittany lost her pillow and blanket out the window (disaster!) everyone started fighting over dance moves. So Santana unleashed her rage and gave everyone a piece of her mind before Mr. Schue was there to remind the kids that they want to win so badly; that their last Nationals meant that much to them. And to us viewers at home, who have watched these kids struggle at coming in #1 when it mattered.

On stage, they were flawless. Lea Michele gave Celine Dion a run for her money  on “All Coming Back To Me Now.” That voice could move mountains I swear. Add in the ladies going to the “Edge of Glory” and back again for “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and you have one solid performance. For the first time ever, I agreed with Lindsay Lohan. Those New Directions were great. Everybody appreciates a comeback, especially Ms. Lohan. And it’s a good thing the judges agreed because we never would have gotten to see those happy faces accepting their trophy and marching back to McKingley.


“Tongue Tied” is not only one of my favorite songs of the past few months, but it’s also now associated with my favorite Glee scene of all time. This montage was so beautiful and happy, that yes, I cried. It was just so perfect! The fear of rejection turned into complete praise, jubilation, confetti, sparkling cider, dip kisses in the hall, Emma going all the way, just everything that I imagine heaven to be like. Minus Finchel. I still think that’s hell.

These 2 episodes have had me thinking about my own high school graduation quite a lot. And with next week’s “Goodbye” episode, I think I’ll cry more than my own graduation because at least I knew I would see my friends again. My fictional friends, I may never see again.

Damn all these feelings, coming back to me now


So What if You’re Wheelchair Bound? Blaine Has Brother Problems!

So let me get this straight…

If you get into a car accident that leaves you with a compressed spine and an uncertain prognosis, you will be the happiest ray of sunshine ever. You’ll go around saying things like, “Today is the best day of my life,” with an adorable smile and roll around in that wheelchair like you just met God and he/she told you that you are the perfect specimen he/she envisioned during creation.

And if you have a brother that stars in cheesy credit score commercials, you will be miserable and angsty because he is always putting you down and stealing your thunder. Your life will be so hard that you go around boxing to blow off steam and sulking before singing songs like “Fighter” because  duh, that’s what you are.


It’s pretty ironic actually; that Blaine was so mad about his brother, Cooper, stealing the show when that’s all that Blaine does in the world of Glee. For the first episode back after that horrific car crash involving QUINN, this is what we get? Brotherly drama?  And can anyone explain to me why the brothers sang a break-up love song to each other?

Last night’s episode was a disgrace not only to Quinn, but to fans who long for something tangible, not just fleeting emotions that are toyed with week after week. Sure, many (myself included) were happy that Finchel didn’t get married, but why didn’t they show that? Why couldn’t we see Quinn in the hospital rather than rolling around all happy and best friends with Artie? Why was Rachel the only one who cared about the ramifications of Quinn’s accident? Ahem, Faberry.

Why can’t this show ever do something 100% rather than a steady 50%, especially a heartfelt plot-line? ESPECIALLY with the females! *see accurate texts I received* For every intense and raw female centric storyline, there’s a male wrench thrown in to downplay the severity of it all- example: Finn outing Santana and acting like a hero, Kurt telling Quinn she hasn’t had a hard life, Artie’s misogynist ways with Tina and Brittany, Finn wanting to rip Rachel’s dreams away from her so he can clean pools.

Now with the addition of Sue’s potential Down Syndrome baby, this show is just tail spinning for those who have feelings and want serious story lines done with justice. If they’re going to go there, go there right! There is SO much potential at their fingertips and yet we’re focusing on acting lessons by Cooper Anderson. Give me a break! As usual this season, I ask myself why I still watch. Honestly, it’s because I love the cast and there’s always one song that I absolutely adore (this week it was “Up Up Up” by The Givers) that pops up and has me swaying and smiling before I go back to sulking, like Blaine.

Seems like I really am stuck with this show forever. Unless Quinn and Artie get together. Or Quinn and Teen Jesus. Then not even the power of Dianna Agron can keep me on board.

Until next week….

PS- Matt Bomer was great and I would have enjoyed his performance if it was in another episode.

Wednesday’s Writers Woes

Season 2 Episode 10: A Very Glee Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly so I’ll make sure my Fails don’t outweigh my Wins.

Bah Humbugs!

  1. Brittany and Artie are still together! This is 5 episodes too long now.
  2. Even though I personally celebrate Christmas, it seemed wrong that not even Chanukah was mentioned considering characters such as Puck and Rachel are all about Jew-Pride.
  3. So Santana and Brittany aren’t even friends anymore? If anyone was to preserve Brittany’s Santa beliefs it should have been her best friend. But noooo. The writers had another cop-out and didn’t even have Santana present for that conversation!
  4. And Santana should have been the real Santa! SANTAna! If anyone was to buy a ReWalk for Artie, don’t you think it would have been the girl who’d secretly do anything to make Brittany happy? Even more fitting, both her parents are doctors! Beiste can’t afford a $100,000 ReWalk! But the Lopez family can.
  5. Next episode isn’t until February 6th!



  1. Everything Sue. The Grinch arc was perfect for her and her change of heart at the end was touching.
  2. Becky is just too adorable and precious.
  3. Rachel putting a pine tree air freshener in her pocket because she knows Finn likes it was so cute and endearing. You can tell she’d do anything to get him back. This is Rachel Berry we’re talking about!
  4. Can’t go wrong with Christmas music. Merry Christmas Darling, Last Christmas, and Baby It’s Cold Outside were great.
  5. Beiste’s talk with Brittany brought tears to my eyes. Beiste is a strong character and it’s good that we’re exposed to her past and vulnerabilities because it makes her even more likable.
  6. Santana to Santa while on his lap: “Please tell me that’s a roll of Certs in your pocket!”

All I want for Christmas is continuity. Maybe Santa or Santana can bring that to me in February.

Wednesday’s Writers Woes- What Went Wrong

I’ve decided to have a weekly Wednesday re-cap of everything the writers of Glee missed the previous night. Glee is my favorite TV show (even with the woes) so for the same reason, I’m acutely aware of plot holes, abandoned storylines, and pairings that do not work at all. Maybe one day Ryan Murphy & Company will wake up and say, “Hm this Flix & Pix person is on to something. “ Duh.

Season 2 Episode 9- Special Education


  1. Brittany and Artie are still together. Worst storyline in the show’s history.
  2. A tie? Are you serious? New Directions blew The Warblers out of the water. Way to take the easy way out and allow more screen time for Blaine and Kurt.
  3. PS- The Kurt & Blaine Show is no longer cute. Blaine telling Kurt to be more of a team player after auditioning for a solo was pathetic. Looks like Blaine wants to be the only lead.
  4. Kurt hasn’t seen Finn yet they should be living in the same house together now that their parents are married. No one ever said Dalton was a boarding school.
  5. Finn completely overreacted to Rachel’s confession of kissing Puck. Finn lied about being a virgin; that’s much more serious! He had the opportunity to be honest last season and he dropped the ball, just like the writers.
  6. Emma gets married in Vegas? Just like that? We know she was overcoming her OCDs and intimacy issues but getting hitched over the weekend seems very out of character.
  7. Why hasn’t Artie been rolled off a cliff or a stage yet by Santana? C’mon, she’s the Queen Bitch of Glee who actually has a heart that belongs to the person Artie is dating. Artie should have been stuck in a locker or porta-potty for the past four episodes. Santana’s vendetta with Rachel was misdirected.
  8. Sam and Quinn are cute but can we please remember that Quinn shouldn’t want to be involved with a guy after last year’s debacle? She should be a single and strong independent woman.
  9. Puck and Quinn seem to not even speak anymore. That’s funny seeing how he was in love with her last season and wanted to keep the baby. Dialogue between them would be uh- NORMAL!
  10. Lastly, at the beginning of the episode Quinn expresses feelings of hatred towards Rachel. During Dog Days Are Over, they were holding hands. Can’t even have continuity in the same episode!



  1. Santana’s solo. Give her one more often and let Brittany and Mike dance.
  2. Rachel had more screen time. She might be the diva but this season was falling flat without her having more presence.
  3. That’s it.


Next week is the Christmas episode. I’m sure it will be filled with holiday spirit but the previews already have me groaning. Brittany tells Santa she wants Artie to walk. This Christmas, I want the writers to remember that she only got with Artie out of spite to make someone jealous. Is that too much to ask?