So What if You’re Wheelchair Bound? Blaine Has Brother Problems!

So let me get this straight…

If you get into a car accident that leaves you with a compressed spine and an uncertain prognosis, you will be the happiest ray of sunshine ever. You’ll go around saying things like, “Today is the best day of my life,” with an adorable smile and roll around in that wheelchair like you just met God and he/she told you that you are the perfect specimen he/she envisioned during creation.

And if you have a brother that stars in cheesy credit score commercials, you will be miserable and angsty because he is always putting you down and stealing your thunder. Your life will be so hard that you go around boxing to blow off steam and sulking before singing songs like “Fighter” because  duh, that’s what you are.


It’s pretty ironic actually; that Blaine was so mad about his brother, Cooper, stealing the show when that’s all that Blaine does in the world of Glee. For the first episode back after that horrific car crash involving QUINN, this is what we get? Brotherly drama?  And can anyone explain to me why the brothers sang a break-up love song to each other?

Last night’s episode was a disgrace not only to Quinn, but to fans who long for something tangible, not just fleeting emotions that are toyed with week after week. Sure, many (myself included) were happy that Finchel didn’t get married, but why didn’t they show that? Why couldn’t we see Quinn in the hospital rather than rolling around all happy and best friends with Artie? Why was Rachel the only one who cared about the ramifications of Quinn’s accident? Ahem, Faberry.

Why can’t this show ever do something 100% rather than a steady 50%, especially a heartfelt plot-line? ESPECIALLY with the females! *see accurate texts I received* For every intense and raw female centric storyline, there’s a male wrench thrown in to downplay the severity of it all- example: Finn outing Santana and acting like a hero, Kurt telling Quinn she hasn’t had a hard life, Artie’s misogynist ways with Tina and Brittany, Finn wanting to rip Rachel’s dreams away from her so he can clean pools.

Now with the addition of Sue’s potential Down Syndrome baby, this show is just tail spinning for those who have feelings and want serious story lines done with justice. If they’re going to go there, go there right! There is SO much potential at their fingertips and yet we’re focusing on acting lessons by Cooper Anderson. Give me a break! As usual this season, I ask myself why I still watch. Honestly, it’s because I love the cast and there’s always one song that I absolutely adore (this week it was “Up Up Up” by The Givers) that pops up and has me swaying and smiling before I go back to sulking, like Blaine.

Seems like I really am stuck with this show forever. Unless Quinn and Artie get together. Or Quinn and Teen Jesus. Then not even the power of Dianna Agron can keep me on board.

Until next week….

PS- Matt Bomer was great and I would have enjoyed his performance if it was in another episode.


Quinn Fabray Must Stay and Live Another Day

On this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, a young man attempted suicide and was under surveillance for 72 hours and a teenage girl was smashed into by a truck while texting and driving. Oh wait, it wasn’t Grey’s Anatomy? It was Glee? Could have fooled me!

The “On My Way” episode is what I am now referring to as the final straw that may just send me on my way over to Smash. I have never felt more emotionally cheated and manipulated by a television show. A comedy should make one laugh- not cry! This episode was like eating a peanut M&M without the peanut inside. Or more accurately, eating a plain M&M that does have a peanut, which you are deathly allergic to.

The reason why Glee has stopped winning awards is because it’s not funny. It’s depressing and the writing is atrocious. No one wants to watch characters that they have become attached to do absurd things like decide to get married at 17 or worse, get in a car accident that will leave them in a wheelchair!

What Glee has done to Quinn Fabray is a pure injustice to character development. It should be illegal to have a character go from a certified bitch, to 16 and pregnant, to Prom Queen crazy, to pink punk “I want my baby back”, to doing a complete 180 as she became Rachel’s friend while preparing to go to Yale and rejoining the Cheerios all in 3 seasons! And just when you want to hug her and never let go, much like Rachel, she gets HIT BY A FREAKING TRUCK!

Yes, we all know that texting and driving is dangerous and illegal but did they have to involve Quinn when she has grown so much and was supposed to be the catalyst in the Finchel wedding breakup?! I, like fans worldwide, feel emotionally cheated. Glee has toyed with our feelings and exploited us knowing that regardless of how mad we are, that we will tune in to watch after the 7 week hiatus because we need answers. We need to know what happens to Quinn/Dianna Agron.  We need to know if the Finchel wedding got called off. Many really just want to know when Faberry is going to happen and others just want to find out if Quinn winds up paralyzed, rolling around in her wheelchair for life. AND MARK MY CAPS LOCKED WORDS- I WILL STOP WATCHING IF QUINN AND ARTIE START DATING!

I just have a lot of feelings, okay? Don’t judge me, judge the writers for ruining an amazing show, potentially ruining the pure hearts of the fans, and for ruining any chance of saving the show if they do in fact paralyze Quinn.

Unless it can all be a dream. Maybe we’ll find out it was just an alternate universe to show us what could have happened if Rachel and Finn went through with the wedding. Oh right, that would be clever writing and Glee is not capable of that. Instead we’re forced to have this bitter taste in our mouths for 7 weeks. But let’s not lose all hope…  Grey’s Anatomy did have an alternate reality episode 2 weeks ago.