A Prehistoric Prom-Asaurus

When I went to prom 7 years ago, it certainly wasn’t as fun/dramatic as McKinley’s. First off, there were no Kings and Queens since it was a private Catholic school, and singling two people out wouldn’t be “right.” Like Rachel, I had no chance at winning Prom Queen because I wasn’t one of those popular girls. But much like Santana and Quinn, I sure as hell would have liked to win it if the crown fit.

Except they both had the chance to crown themselves. Quinn was the victor, fair and square, with Santana only one vote behind her. They had the power to ensure that one of them would win but in what is by far, the most character growth amidst the 3 seasons, they did what they considered the right thing. Santana didn’t want to be Queen if Brittany wasn’t King. That is simply beautiful compared to her desperate plea to win last year with her beard Karofsky. There is a tiara collection in the Fabray household, and last year Quinn slapped Rachel across the face because she blamed her for ruining her chances at winning. This year, they both sabotaged the votes and handed in a card that stated that Rachel Berry won on write-in votes.

Part of me didn’t like that Rachel won because it shows her complete lack of growth. She is supposed to be the girl that doesn’t care about popularity or boys; just her Broadway dreams. She completely lost that this year and by only caring about her fiancé and now getting the quintessential (no pun intended, but man, was Faberry on last night or what?) high school title, she seems to only care about what happens in her life with Finn. Barf.

Quinntana looked a whole lot more excited and pleased than Finn, which yet again just proves that Finchel sucks! He screamed at Quinn (completely ruining “Love You Like a Love Song”. Rude) to get up and walk when in season one, he pretended to be handicapped in order to get a job. Hypocrite much? Quinn stood on that stage and sang “Take My Breath Away” for you and your girlfriend, how about some gratitude? It’s sad that I think my Finchel hate has only escalated because of my hate of Monchele, which needs to end immediately. I never want to see or hear anything Monchele related again in my life.

I also don’t want to see double standards and prehistoric thinking. I lost track of how many times Finchel kissed last night, as well as all the random students shown making out. Why do we always get to see that, but Brittana and Klaine get nothing? All of this ironically occurring at the same time North Carolina passed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Glee is supposed to be paving the way for television and it’s not doing a very thorough job, but again, only mature viewers will be aware of these travesties because we’re in touch with reality. Although if I don’t stop singing “Love You Like A Love Song” and “Dinosaur,” I may just wind up locked up in a psychiatric hospital, rocking myself back and forth in rhyme. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll share a room with Brittany since everyone thought she was crazy for her prehistoric dinosaur prom theme- which was pretty awesome if you ask me.

Also awesome: Becky Jackson. I love angry Becky. I love rude Becky. I just love Becky because she tells it like it is and doesn’t care what people think about her. She had hopes of being Prom Queen too and people looking at her for the right reason (aw!) and none other than Noah Puckerman crowned her with a beer box crown. Keeping it classy Puckerman, I approve.

There are only 3 episodes left, including next week’s 2 hour 2 episode extravaganza. I don’t think we’re ready for this jelly.


So What if You’re Wheelchair Bound? Blaine Has Brother Problems!

So let me get this straight…

If you get into a car accident that leaves you with a compressed spine and an uncertain prognosis, you will be the happiest ray of sunshine ever. You’ll go around saying things like, “Today is the best day of my life,” with an adorable smile and roll around in that wheelchair like you just met God and he/she told you that you are the perfect specimen he/she envisioned during creation.

And if you have a brother that stars in cheesy credit score commercials, you will be miserable and angsty because he is always putting you down and stealing your thunder. Your life will be so hard that you go around boxing to blow off steam and sulking before singing songs like “Fighter” because  duh, that’s what you are.


It’s pretty ironic actually; that Blaine was so mad about his brother, Cooper, stealing the show when that’s all that Blaine does in the world of Glee. For the first episode back after that horrific car crash involving QUINN, this is what we get? Brotherly drama?  And can anyone explain to me why the brothers sang a break-up love song to each other?

Last night’s episode was a disgrace not only to Quinn, but to fans who long for something tangible, not just fleeting emotions that are toyed with week after week. Sure, many (myself included) were happy that Finchel didn’t get married, but why didn’t they show that? Why couldn’t we see Quinn in the hospital rather than rolling around all happy and best friends with Artie? Why was Rachel the only one who cared about the ramifications of Quinn’s accident? Ahem, Faberry.

Why can’t this show ever do something 100% rather than a steady 50%, especially a heartfelt plot-line? ESPECIALLY with the females! *see accurate texts I received* For every intense and raw female centric storyline, there’s a male wrench thrown in to downplay the severity of it all- example: Finn outing Santana and acting like a hero, Kurt telling Quinn she hasn’t had a hard life, Artie’s misogynist ways with Tina and Brittany, Finn wanting to rip Rachel’s dreams away from her so he can clean pools.

Now with the addition of Sue’s potential Down Syndrome baby, this show is just tail spinning for those who have feelings and want serious story lines done with justice. If they’re going to go there, go there right! There is SO much potential at their fingertips and yet we’re focusing on acting lessons by Cooper Anderson. Give me a break! As usual this season, I ask myself why I still watch. Honestly, it’s because I love the cast and there’s always one song that I absolutely adore (this week it was “Up Up Up” by The Givers) that pops up and has me swaying and smiling before I go back to sulking, like Blaine.

Seems like I really am stuck with this show forever. Unless Quinn and Artie get together. Or Quinn and Teen Jesus. Then not even the power of Dianna Agron can keep me on board.

Until next week….

PS- Matt Bomer was great and I would have enjoyed his performance if it was in another episode.

Wednesday’s Writer Wins: Get It Right

If there’s one thing the Glee writers have tried to emphasize it’s that patience is a virtue. It’s worth the wait for some. For others, the wait continues. But it’s Regionals and the focus belongs on the music.

Season 2 Episode 16 Original Song


Image credit: Adam Rose/Fox



Got It Right

  1. New Directions win! After that god awful tie at Sectionals, the kids prove to be the real winners.
  2. Their songs were just so perfect. “Get It Right” was beautifully sung and performed by Lea. “Loser Like Me” had the inspiring words and pep that we should expect from the talented group who refuse to be knocked down.
  3. The other original songs of the night were just as entertaining. “Trouty Mouth.” Whoever thought something so seductive sounding could be so insulting. Down with them guppy lips! “Big Ass Heart” was cute and makes Puck become more likable with his longing for Lauren. “Hell to the No” – more like hell yeah!
  4. Rachel’s strength. She could have easily crumpled, cried, or even hit up her dads’ liquor cabinet after Quinn knocked her with a dose of reality, but instead she channeled her emotion into writing a great song. She is better than Lima and better off without Finn.
  5. The kiss heard round the world. While part of me is still frustrated that Klaine got a kiss after 7 episodes while it’s been 2 seasons for others, this was too adorable not to clap for. It’s also a major step in the right direction for television. Now lets just hope Kurt returns to New Directions ASAP and have his Warbler boyfriend on the side.
  6. Speaking of which, last night had to be the end of the singing Warblers right? I’m so over them taking away screen time from our Gleeks!
  7. “Can you stop staring at me? I can’t remember my locker combo.” Ah to be flustered, angsty, and in love. Thanks for at least some continuity this week Murph!
  8. Kurt got to sing not once, but twice! That was a much appreciated break in continuity.


  1. Oh Quinn. Why can’t she just give up on Finn and not torment poor Rachel? Even if she basically told Rachel that she’s destined for a better life, no high schooler likes being told that the person they love is going to marry someone else. Especially when that someone else is Quinn Fabray, who is trying to keep her enemies closer.
  2. Brittana. Santitany. Stalemate! Brittany pushed the dumb card even further by asking “did I do something wrong?” DUH! She just doesn’t get it at all nor does she understand that she’s with the wrong person. I really hope she the writers wake up because upcoming spoilers predict a potential rocky road unless changes happen. No me gusta!
  3. The Dirt Locker didn’t seem fair considering the former Cheerios have enough problems to deal with, let alone be given a literal landslide by their former coach.
  4. The Palin/O’Donnell imitating Kathy Griffin. At first it was hilarious with the references to Twitter and witch hunts, but when criticizing the “Candles” duet, her commentary was a mentality that is sadly held by too many people to actually be funny. One joke too far possibly.

During the next month, I’ll be contemplating the return of Holly Holiday, the fate of Fuinn, how Bartie can die, and most importantly, the solidification of Brittana. See you in a month!

Wednesday’s Writer Wins- That’s How We Do It In Lima Heights!

Season 2 Episode 12: Silly Love Songs

Okay so apparently Ryan Murphy & Co. have been reading my blog because there has been such a thing called “continuity” in the past two epic episodes of Glee that has me cheering yay! Even though I had a Sue like tantrum during last night’s episode because Bartie is still in existence, I quickly calmed down and said, “That was awesome!” It’s a Win Wednesday, rather than Woe.


  1. Nurse Santana. Perfect! Her plot to give Finn mono to oust him cheating with Quinn was just genius. “Time for Santana to do what Santana does best: Revenge.”
  2. Quinn addresses cheating and the baby that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Finally, there is reference!
  3. Lauren-Santana cat fight. Initially I cringed because seeing my favorite character thrown against the lockers is painful but this was actually hilarious. Santana bites Lauren, can’t move her and then has to be carried away by Beiste.
  4. Becky continued to be her adorable self. “Finny Bear”
  5. Foreshadowing the end of Barite and Tike? Before Mike and Artie break out into PYT, they talk about how perfect their relationships are without jealousy and drama. Now we know it’s going to end. Even though we already knew that because in episode 15, “IT’S ON.”
  6. I’m not a Puck fan, but it was nice to actually see him be a somewhat decent guy last night. He actually really likes Lauren and I’m happy that he can finally be removed from Santana’s life.
  7. Rachel at the kissing booth really pulled on my heart strings just as much as when she got dumped when looking for Christmas trees. Finn does not deserve her!
  8. Mercedes makes it known that being single is okay. All the true divas were single when they reached fame so go on with your single self girl!
  9. The Cheerios in regular clothes is so much win!
  10. Brittany and Santana were finally shown as friends again. Why? Because “it’s on!”

Broken Hearts:

  1. Too much with the Warblers! Blaine has already had more solos than Tina who has been a major part of Glee since season one! If Blaine isn’t going to be a better person who doesn’t obnoxiously lead Kurt on, then the boy has GOT TO GO!
  2. Bartie. Still. Needs. To. Disappear.
  3. Songs were a bit lackluster compared to all the amazingness of Thriller/Heads Will Roll on Sunday night.
  4. Hello cocky Finn swagger. Really not feeling your new found ego. Go work on fixing your manboobs.
  5. The preview for next week. Ugh! Bieber. Samtana. Ugh! Make it go away!

Did you love or hate this Valentine’s episode?