Part 4: Why Women Shouldn’t Date Cheaters

They say love is blind. Surely the lovely Sandra Bullock must have been blind sided when she fell for Jesse James. By Hollywood standards, they were an odd pairing because after all, Hollywood is shallow.

Now that their divorce is settled, Bullock has returned to a degree of normalcy with her adorable new son. James has done what James is good at- moving on.

This week James was spotted having dinner and holding hands with LA Ink star Kat Von D. If we never knew of James’ past romantic involvements, we would surely say that they seem to make a great couple. A match made in ink. They could spend hours swapping tattoo stories as well as create rebellious joint business adventures. Yet since we all know how destructive James can be in relationships, the question is: what is she thinking?

It’s always baffling as to why women become involved with notorious cheaters (A-Rod, Jude Law). It degrades the female sex that they can’t be smarter about their decisions and protect their heart and sanity. Do they believe the person’s money and star status outshine their negative attributes? But what if he was an average Joe that works 9-5, makes $50,000 a year and sleeps with every woman he comes across? I doubt they’d be with him then.

Kat Von D should know better; as all women should know better. Once a cheater always a cheater. It’s only been several months since the Bullock blowup; James hasn’t changed his ways,  he’s only going after someone in his own league.

Yesterday, Von D had tweeted “And yes, Jesse and I are dating” before she promptly deleted it. Hopefully she realized he’d be a big mistake.


Butt Kicking and Love on Buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my life from 1997 to 2003. In fact, it still is a big part of my life. It was and always will be the TV show that I know inside and out, that warms my heart, and makes me want to kick butt at the same time.

As I finished re-watching season 6 of the show, I’m reminded of what good television used to be like. Sure the climatic ending of the show is a tearjerker- Willow is trying to destroy the world because of her grief over Tara, Giles appears to be dying, Spike is getting eaten by bugs- it all screams impending doom. Yet everyone survives because of love.

Xander brings Willow back to reality by saying he loves her, Buffy realizes she wants to show Dawn the world, and Spike is given his soul back. Love is a common element in all Buffy episodes but it had such a profound statement in this last episode. Love is what kept them alive.

All you need in life are your friends and love. Yet I for one know that friends can be a difficult matter that actually make me wish I could become a black magic witch and destroy everything I touch, but that’s another story. Buffy was a coming of age story about how the connections and love you develop with others can save you.

I can’t remember the last time a show had such an important message. 7 years after the show ended, and I still wish it was on. Thank god for DVDs.

Part 2: Why Pretty Women Shouldn’t Date Dumb Men

As seen in my previous post about pretty women and ugly men, this seems to be a favorite topic of mine. Maybe I should write a “How-To” guide and steer these women in the right direction. Although what kind of expert am I?

With Jesse James and all his stupidity still on my brain, I am finding the break up of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry to be just as pathetic. Let’s do the math:

1 Hot Halle + 1 Hot Model = 1 Cute Baby ÷ 1 Dumb Boyfriend  x “Wandering Eyes”

Seriously, Gabriel, you were a nobody before you met Halle. Sure you had a pretty face and nice body but no one knew your name. She made you into a commodity in the modeling industry and not only that; you had a child with her, the former Beauty Queen. How dumb can you be to want someone else?

And to think, after all that Halle’s been through. Contemplating suicide over her divorce with baseball player David Justice (I knew I hated the Braves for a reason), divorce from Eric Benet, having to do a sex scene on camera with Billy Bob Thornton, and now you, Mr. French-Canadian Model with no brain.

Not being able to “handle the age difference” after being together for 5 years shows that Gabriel is aging backwards, Benjamin Button style. Clearly he’s still a child. Their 2 year old daughter has a higher IQ than him!

Halle, please join the Winslet/Bullock movie I previously suggested. And bring your Storm X-Men powers while you’re at it.