Grammy’s For Your Granny

Maybe music the past year just wasn’t as stellar as previous years. Maybe the artists chosen to perform just weren’t engaging enough. Or maybe, the Grammy’s were just boring.

There was more hoopla leading up to the show than the actual show itself. First, there was the talk about how the Grammy’s were inviting artists like Justin Timberlake, who was not nominated, to perform in order to create excitement and draw more viewers. Justin got to perform two songs while the nominated Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, and even Taylor Swift only got to perform one.

Then there was the “memo” that guests should dress appropriately in order to have a PG show. I guess CBS really isn’t over the Super Bowl Nipplegate of 2004. (Holy crap, Batman! That was 9 years ago. Where does the time go?)

grammysJ-Lo and Katy Perry did a good job of defying those rules though. Part of J-Lo’s dress must have got caught up on the block and Katy just really wanted to keep John Mayer’s wandering eye on her California Girls. She really needs better taste in men. Sure, it was sweet that she brought Allison Williams with her as her date but that playboy boyfriend of hers was still there, probably cursing CBS for making the ladies cover up their assets.

If the fashion can’t be exciting, at least let the show be so! Last year Adele swept the boards and the show still had momentum! This year it was boring. So boring that at 9:00 I switched over to watch Girls only to tune back in to see Lena Dunham with fun. boyfriend Jack Antonoff. It was unfortunate that fun. won Best New Artist. “We Are Young” is a decent song, but as an album, Some Nights pales in comparison to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. It would have been nice to see Frank win more than just Best Urban Contemporary Album and Collaboration on “No Church In the Wild.” Maybe one day the Grammy’s will stop being so narrow-minded.

And speaking of disappointments, let’s not forget Rihanna. Four years ago before the Grammy’s, Chris Brown beat her. Last night, she cuddled up next to him acting like a couple “in love.” It’s unfortunate that my natural ChrisRiRifeeling is to slap some sense into her, because violence is wrong, but seriously RiRi- what are you thinking!?  Clearly you don’t aspire to be a role model with songs like “S&M” but you are an embarrassment to women everywhere. Shame on you forever.

Maybe next year I just won’t watch the Grammy’s, then I won’t be bored or disappointed. Unless Beyonce or Gaga are performing. Then you know the show will be worth watching.


Really Rihanna? REALLY?!

I have just lost all respect for Rihanna. I don’t care how infectious her songs are and how she can make me want to go to Barbados to feel like the “Only Girl in the World.” She just made a mockery of the female sex and that is not okay in my book.

Today was Rihanna’s 24th birthday. It’s sad that I’m only a year older than her yet clearly light-years more mature. Her abusive ex Chris Brown tweeted her birthday wishes today and not only did she reply with a “Thanks!” but she re-tweeted it to her 13.7 million followers. Anyone else with me that this wrong?

If not, how about now… Guess what was just released? No, not a deadly virus to wipe out the stupidity in this world. Not one but TWO remixed songs with them singing together. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!

She is featured on his “Turn Up the Music” even though I’m begging for it to be turned off.  Just when my ears started to bleed with this travesty, I hear the remixed sex infused “Birthday Cake” which is honestly the most repulsive song I have ever heard in my life. I would rather listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” remixed with a Gregorian Chant over the sounds of a toilet bowl flushing than ever hear this song again.

It’s not necessarily the content, although with all those sexual innuendos I’m not sure eating a birthday cake will ever be the same, it’s that this excuse of a man beat her with his bare hands and turned her face into a crime scene and she’s allowing him to sing about having sex with her again.

As if it isn’t bad enough that Brown still has a career, Rihanna goes ahead and does this. She is giving the wrong impression to women that it’s okay for a man to beat you; that you can go back to him and everything will be okay. Granted, Rihanna isn’t exactly role model material with songs like “S&M” but she is a woman in a highly coveted public position where people do look up to her. I feel like she forgot what exactly happened that ill fated night. I think she needs to reread the police report before she takes another breath before she winds up taking her last with him.

There really are no words to express just how frustrating and disappointing this is to hear. I honestly feel betrayed by a fellow female that she has gone ahead and told the world that Chris Brown is okay and that he can lick her icing.

If this is the world that we really live in, count me out.

Why People Should Boycott Chris Brown

Two years ago, Chris Brown became notorious and it wasn’t for his poppy songs and dance moves. After the Rihanna incident that left the Barbadian singer beaten bloody, Brown became the epitome of this generations’ Ike Turner. That’s a sad title to achieve at the age of 19. Now at 21, Brown thinks he’s matured by trying to avoid talking about it like it was no big deal, but today’s Good Morning America appearance proves just how big it still is.

In this video, you can see Brown’s anger brewing over the discussion of his issues with Rihanna. To him, it’s a thing of the past that’s unimportant compared to his music. I’m sorry but music and self promotion is NOT more important than domestic violence. Rather than admit remorse and show human like qualifies, Brown dismisses the haters and wants people to buy his album that dropped today: “F.A.M.E.” (Forgiving All My Enemies.) Um shouldn’t they be forgiving you?

After this segment, Brown proceeded to throw a chair at his dressing room window, sending shards of glass onto the streets of Time Square. He then ripped off his ugly vest and stormed onto the street, shirtless. Someone still needs anger management, a brain, and a heart.

But the bigger issue here is that Brown should be reprimanded. Radio stations shouldn’t play his stupid “Yeah Yeah Yeah” song. Dumb girls who think he’s cute shouldn’t buy his album and platforms like Good Morning America shouldn’t even have him on to give him the opportunity to clear his name when he’s done nothing but taint himself further.

In the age of celebrity pandemonium, there should be standards. Hot (or not) messes are everyone’s obsession it seems i.e.- Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson. But it’s not right. If someone has no redeeming traits and is just a sloppy deranged screw up, we shouldn’t praise them and give them more attention. We should turn our heads and look for more admirable people to talk about.

Chris Brown falls into that category. Maybe the bleach has gone to his head, but until he fully acknowledged his Rihanna error and doesn’t break windows, no one should support him. As for his new album? Lady Gaga should punch him in the face for stealing her album title and letting him know how abuse feels.

Battle of the Beats: Rihanna Vs. Sean Kingston

Same beat, different songs.

Rihanna’s “Te Amo”

On the Rated R album released November 2009


 Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj’s “Letting Go (Dutty Love)

Released on iTunes on August 3, 2010

Verdict: Rihanna’s version is 100x better and actually unique since it wasn’t stolen. She should sue Kingston not only for theft, but his song sucks!

What do you think?

Megan Fox Does the Right Thing

The video for Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna premiered last night. The video features Megan Fox and  Dominic Monaghan in a tumultuous relationship that certainly revolves around violence and jealousy. The song, which is about domestic violence,  not only touches on a part of Rihanna’s past, but also that of many women worldwide.

While Fox could have taken her check to the bank and deposited it alongside her paychecks from Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, she opted to take the high road. She donated her paycheck to Sojourn, a shelter for battered women. That money will now help real women who have been affected by abuse, rather than support herself acting in a role of a victim.

While we could say that all of Hollywood should do more of these charitable acts on a more frequent basis, it’s still nice to see it done in the proper manner.

Job well done by Mrs. Austin-Green.