Jubilation Over Glee Graduation

General fan consensus on the Internet is that Tuesday’s Glee Graduation was a terrible episode. I feel like I am in the minority of those who loved it. Why, you ask? Because


The entire episode could have been of babies crying, sad puppies, and a world without chocolate but if it ended with a Finchel breakup I would still love it! The first thing that Finn Hudson has ever done right in his entire existence is breakup with Rachel so she could go to New York and follow her dreams at NYADA. All the other drama and trauma of their relationship is now irrelevant all summer long, until September when I’m sure the writers will return my strife in the form of Finn magically appearing in New York with her. Yet until then, I will rejoice because Rachel Berry is in New York, without Finn Hudson!

Also possibly coming to New York? Santana! Do you know what I would do if they actually filmed here in New York? I would quit my job, start taking singing/dancing lessons, and offer to pick up the poop of Naya Rivera’s dog. If she even has a dog, I’m not sure. In order to get on the show, I’d pretty much do anything, except engage in fake Monchele support. I draw the line there.

While I’m plotting ways to have a new career change, the rest of the cast is moving on as well. Mercedes is off to UCLA while also being a backup singer in an indie band. Mike Chang will continue to be a dancing machine. Quinn is off to Yale but still plans on seeing Rachel with that pricey buss pass she bought her. Hello, Faberry. It feels like we’ve seen the last of Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr. and Dianna Agron, yet according to Ryan Murphy, everyone is returning next year. But it’s hard to see how these characters, aside from Quinn, will really fit in between the New York/Ohio storylines.

Puck will be a Lima Loser. Kurt now has no plans, except to be with Blaine. Finn is off to the Army. Brittany got left back, and Santana is contemplating staying in Lima to be with her, but the allure of New York is calling her name. And can we just acknowledge that Gloria Estefan is adorable and should have been brought on as Mama Lopez many episodes ago instead of the season finale?

A finale that had many tears shed by the characters but none by me (Shocking). It just wasn’t emotionally compelling. Aside from the flashbacks to previous seasons, most notably Burt doing the “Single Ladies” dance, nothing tugged at the heart. Graduation was distracting more than anything because I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of school doesn’t announce graduates in alphabetical order. It was all more like a “see you later” than an actual “Goodbye.” At the end of the day, that’s okay. I’m just happy to have a few months off from this show because it’s far too consuming.

Just like kids say before summer break: Hey Glee, see you in September! Sadly



So What if You’re Wheelchair Bound? Blaine Has Brother Problems!

So let me get this straight…

If you get into a car accident that leaves you with a compressed spine and an uncertain prognosis, you will be the happiest ray of sunshine ever. You’ll go around saying things like, “Today is the best day of my life,” with an adorable smile and roll around in that wheelchair like you just met God and he/she told you that you are the perfect specimen he/she envisioned during creation.

And if you have a brother that stars in cheesy credit score commercials, you will be miserable and angsty because he is always putting you down and stealing your thunder. Your life will be so hard that you go around boxing to blow off steam and sulking before singing songs like “Fighter” because  duh, that’s what you are.


It’s pretty ironic actually; that Blaine was so mad about his brother, Cooper, stealing the show when that’s all that Blaine does in the world of Glee. For the first episode back after that horrific car crash involving QUINN, this is what we get? Brotherly drama?  And can anyone explain to me why the brothers sang a break-up love song to each other?

Last night’s episode was a disgrace not only to Quinn, but to fans who long for something tangible, not just fleeting emotions that are toyed with week after week. Sure, many (myself included) were happy that Finchel didn’t get married, but why didn’t they show that? Why couldn’t we see Quinn in the hospital rather than rolling around all happy and best friends with Artie? Why was Rachel the only one who cared about the ramifications of Quinn’s accident? Ahem, Faberry.

Why can’t this show ever do something 100% rather than a steady 50%, especially a heartfelt plot-line? ESPECIALLY with the females! *see accurate texts I received* For every intense and raw female centric storyline, there’s a male wrench thrown in to downplay the severity of it all- example: Finn outing Santana and acting like a hero, Kurt telling Quinn she hasn’t had a hard life, Artie’s misogynist ways with Tina and Brittany, Finn wanting to rip Rachel’s dreams away from her so he can clean pools.

Now with the addition of Sue’s potential Down Syndrome baby, this show is just tail spinning for those who have feelings and want serious story lines done with justice. If they’re going to go there, go there right! There is SO much potential at their fingertips and yet we’re focusing on acting lessons by Cooper Anderson. Give me a break! As usual this season, I ask myself why I still watch. Honestly, it’s because I love the cast and there’s always one song that I absolutely adore (this week it was “Up Up Up” by The Givers) that pops up and has me swaying and smiling before I go back to sulking, like Blaine.

Seems like I really am stuck with this show forever. Unless Quinn and Artie get together. Or Quinn and Teen Jesus. Then not even the power of Dianna Agron can keep me on board.

Until next week….

PS- Matt Bomer was great and I would have enjoyed his performance if it was in another episode.

Wednesday’s Writer Wins: It’s A Comeback!

For the second week in a row, this column has been a Win! Ryan Murphy, you sly dog, you’ve done well. But don’t drop the ball because one epic fail and these posts will quickly be turned back to Woes.

Season 2 Episode 13: Comeback

Things that need to come back more often:

  1. RENT! Finally, Glee does Rent! Sure I would have preferred “Take Me or Leave Me” as a Brittana duet, but no one could do Idina better than Rachel. Funny that her fictional mother actually is Idina.
  2. The real Rachel Berry is back! Not only is she trying to focus on having the club win, she’s trying to be a style icon.
  3. Brittany is a genius for stealing Rachel’s ideas and claiming them as her own. “Out of that Cheerios uniform she’s a fashion institute.” Don’t ever confuse her for an infant again.
  4. Quinn got what she deserved. Seriously, it might have taken Santana to wake Sam up but she couldn’t have her cake and eat it too.
  5. Lauren picturing everyone in their underwear turned cliché into hilarity! Sue as a dominatrix while Finn in Power Rangers, compared to the ab-tastic Mike and Sam.
  6. Santana stayed true to form by keeping it real and telling Sam how it is. God, this continuity thing feels so foreign in Glee world!
  7. Will and Sue’s trip the children’s hospital was so heartwarming. It was great to see the softer side of Sue again.
  8. As much as it pains me to say it, the Bieber-ness was tolerable and actually important to the plotline. The girls acting all crazy and Sue saying “I’ve gotta get that girl on my Cheerios” was just the amount of snarky sarcasm to balance the Bieb. Great!
  9. Finn is shown as a real tool; which is exactly what he has become. He’s desperate to get Quinn so he joins the Bieber experience. Lame! Drop your cocky swagger boy.
  10. The promo for next week! The Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza! Spin the bottle! Rachel kissing Blaine! Brittany striptease! That plus Brittany doing Ke$ha is continuity and perfection my friends.

What never should come back:

  1. Samtana. We know this is just going to be used for plot development but still doesn’t mean I have to like it!
  2. Barfie. I will say it every week until episode 15. Even having minor interaction is too much for me.

On that terrifying note, watch the promo for next week’s episode: “Blame It On The Alcohol”

Wednesday’s Writer Wins- That’s How We Do It In Lima Heights!

Season 2 Episode 12: Silly Love Songs

Okay so apparently Ryan Murphy & Co. have been reading my blog because there has been such a thing called “continuity” in the past two epic episodes of Glee that has me cheering yay! Even though I had a Sue like tantrum during last night’s episode because Bartie is still in existence, I quickly calmed down and said, “That was awesome!” It’s a Win Wednesday, rather than Woe.


  1. Nurse Santana. Perfect! Her plot to give Finn mono to oust him cheating with Quinn was just genius. “Time for Santana to do what Santana does best: Revenge.”
  2. Quinn addresses cheating and the baby that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Finally, there is reference!
  3. Lauren-Santana cat fight. Initially I cringed because seeing my favorite character thrown against the lockers is painful but this was actually hilarious. Santana bites Lauren, can’t move her and then has to be carried away by Beiste.
  4. Becky continued to be her adorable self. “Finny Bear”
  5. Foreshadowing the end of Barite and Tike? Before Mike and Artie break out into PYT, they talk about how perfect their relationships are without jealousy and drama. Now we know it’s going to end. Even though we already knew that because in episode 15, “IT’S ON.”
  6. I’m not a Puck fan, but it was nice to actually see him be a somewhat decent guy last night. He actually really likes Lauren and I’m happy that he can finally be removed from Santana’s life.
  7. Rachel at the kissing booth really pulled on my heart strings just as much as when she got dumped when looking for Christmas trees. Finn does not deserve her!
  8. Mercedes makes it known that being single is okay. All the true divas were single when they reached fame so go on with your single self girl!
  9. The Cheerios in regular clothes is so much win!
  10. Brittany and Santana were finally shown as friends again. Why? Because “it’s on!”

Broken Hearts:

  1. Too much with the Warblers! Blaine has already had more solos than Tina who has been a major part of Glee since season one! If Blaine isn’t going to be a better person who doesn’t obnoxiously lead Kurt on, then the boy has GOT TO GO!
  2. Bartie. Still. Needs. To. Disappear.
  3. Songs were a bit lackluster compared to all the amazingness of Thriller/Heads Will Roll on Sunday night.
  4. Hello cocky Finn swagger. Really not feeling your new found ego. Go work on fixing your manboobs.
  5. The preview for next week. Ugh! Bieber. Samtana. Ugh! Make it go away!

Did you love or hate this Valentine’s episode?

Bieber Fever Has Me Sick!

I never thought I could have more anger and resentment towards Ryan Murphy; until this morning.

A Justin Bieber themed Glee episode? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Bieber might be the coolest thing since the Jonas Brothers for 12 year-olds but Glee is a high school themed show with adult themed content. Glee wins the viewing demographic every week for 18-45 year olds. Do you think most normal and non pedophiliac adults like Justin Bieber? No!

Past themed episodes have been done to honor greats: Madonna, Gaga, and Britney. Bieber as the first male themed episode is such a disappointment. It should have been Michael Jackson, rather than just feature a couple of his songs in upcoming episodes.

The only word to express my feelings for Bieber Glee is: UGH! Ryan Murphy, if you’re reading and realizing how much we are not related, then here’s a little suggestion to quiet my riot of feelings:

If you do that song “Baby,” please let it be sung by a certain Cheerio to another who is currently following a misogynistic robot on wheels. If that other Cheerio and Wheels sing that song, I’m punching my TV while imaging your face.

Wednesday’s Writers Woes- What Went Wrong

I’ve decided to have a weekly Wednesday re-cap of everything the writers of Glee missed the previous night. Glee is my favorite TV show (even with the woes) so for the same reason, I’m acutely aware of plot holes, abandoned storylines, and pairings that do not work at all. Maybe one day Ryan Murphy & Company will wake up and say, “Hm this Flix & Pix person is on to something. “ Duh.

Season 2 Episode 9- Special Education


  1. Brittany and Artie are still together. Worst storyline in the show’s history.
  2. A tie? Are you serious? New Directions blew The Warblers out of the water. Way to take the easy way out and allow more screen time for Blaine and Kurt.
  3. PS- The Kurt & Blaine Show is no longer cute. Blaine telling Kurt to be more of a team player after auditioning for a solo was pathetic. Looks like Blaine wants to be the only lead.
  4. Kurt hasn’t seen Finn yet they should be living in the same house together now that their parents are married. No one ever said Dalton was a boarding school.
  5. Finn completely overreacted to Rachel’s confession of kissing Puck. Finn lied about being a virgin; that’s much more serious! He had the opportunity to be honest last season and he dropped the ball, just like the writers.
  6. Emma gets married in Vegas? Just like that? We know she was overcoming her OCDs and intimacy issues but getting hitched over the weekend seems very out of character.
  7. Why hasn’t Artie been rolled off a cliff or a stage yet by Santana? C’mon, she’s the Queen Bitch of Glee who actually has a heart that belongs to the person Artie is dating. Artie should have been stuck in a locker or porta-potty for the past four episodes. Santana’s vendetta with Rachel was misdirected.
  8. Sam and Quinn are cute but can we please remember that Quinn shouldn’t want to be involved with a guy after last year’s debacle? She should be a single and strong independent woman.
  9. Puck and Quinn seem to not even speak anymore. That’s funny seeing how he was in love with her last season and wanted to keep the baby. Dialogue between them would be uh- NORMAL!
  10. Lastly, at the beginning of the episode Quinn expresses feelings of hatred towards Rachel. During Dog Days Are Over, they were holding hands. Can’t even have continuity in the same episode!



  1. Santana’s solo. Give her one more often and let Brittany and Mike dance.
  2. Rachel had more screen time. She might be the diva but this season was falling flat without her having more presence.
  3. That’s it.


Next week is the Christmas episode. I’m sure it will be filled with holiday spirit but the previews already have me groaning. Brittany tells Santa she wants Artie to walk. This Christmas, I want the writers to remember that she only got with Artie out of spite to make someone jealous. Is that too much to ask?

Weekly Recap

So much to write about, so little time. Here’s a quick recap of the latest Hollywood news:

  • Ryan Reynolds is crowned the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. Agree or disagree?
  • Prince William is engaged. Let’s hope the paparazzi leave Kate Middleton alone unlike Princess Diana.
  • Pink is pregnant.
  • Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorcing? Guess she can’t be called a Desperate Housewife.
  • 30 Rock is moving to the 10pm time slot.  Now Tina Fey can write dirty jokes. Yay!
  • Last week’s Glee episode, “Never Been Kissed,” addressed the bullying epidemic. Last night Gwyneth Paltrow rocked as a substitute teacher. Let’s hope Ryan Murphy & Co. keep up continuity and previous storylines in the upcoming episodes. PS- Brittany and Artie DON’T go together!
  • Sarah Palin’s show debuted on TLC to the channels’ highest ratings ever. That scares me.
  • Her daughter Willow used homophobic slurs to insult someone on Facebook who disliked her mom’s TV show. Really? Way to be mature. Oh wait, what did we expect from a family of buffoons? God help us all in 2012.